Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wells ME to Bar Harbor ME (306 Kms=190 Miles)

We left the park this morning at 9:30 a.m. We didn't think too much of Moody Beach RV Park. It is another park that has ben taken over by the Thousand Trails/Encore machine. We have been to a few of their parks and they always fall pretty short of the mark. To each his own but we couldn't see anyone wanting to pay money for a seasonal spot here. Pretty disappointing not honouring Passport America, that was cheesy of them too.

One of the interesting things we have discovered about Maine is that we are glad we did not come here any sooner. Many of the parks are just opening up! They have had a particularly bad winter (as has the rest of the country) and they are all a bit behind schedule, well some of them are. Some of them just do not open until after Memorial Day weekend. Note to selves people travelling through here at this time of year!!!

We took a nice route today. Started out on Hwy 1 and at Portland ME you go onto Hwy 295. From there it was onto Hwy 1 again at Bath right up until Ellsworth. From there you go onto Hwy 3 which takes you into the Bar Harbor area. As much as we can, we try to stay on these coastal highways. So much nicer. Sometimes, though hopping 20-30 miles on the interstate isn't so bad, it just gets you moving a bit quicker for a short spell. We don't think we missed much for those few miles.

Yummm - the baked beans factory. I think this is Portland ME....

You know, when we take these pictures, I am sure that we will totally
remember exactly which town they are. I have discovered that
I do not remember most of them. All of these pictures are on
route on (mostly) Hwy 1, going up the coast today.



We rolled into and out of blue sky all day long. Some rain did finally appear....


No, thankfully, those were not our skid marks!!
Euri doesn't do skids!!
By now it was noon and we had just arrived in Rockland ME. Doug had said, "If we see a nice spot for lunch, let's stop". Just as he said it, a lady walked out to the sidewalk and placed one of those sandwich boards out, advertising the Clan MacLaren cafe's specials.. Oh, and there was a parking spot right in front. Done... 
Guess it was meant to be!!
We knew we were in for a great lunch as soon as we looked at the menu. This is always the type of place we like to find. That real jewel in the middle of the old part of town. It had a welcoming feel to it right away. I knew we would find it hard to leave!!!

Nice lunchtime view, huh?
So, we spent a lot of time talking with Jackie Lawrence, who owns the café with hubby Glen. We did not get a chance to meet him but wished we could have. I believe he was out fishing (....imagine!). Jackie made us feel right at home. The food is home prepared and the soups are to die for!! Cups of hot tea, fresh cookies (thanks for those by the way...wink, wink) and we, sadly had to peel ourselves away and hit the road.
What a welcome stop it was!! If you are cruising through Rockland, please make a stop at this awesome café. Clan MacLaren,395 Main Street, Rockland, ME 207-593-7778

Thanks Jackie -  what a great time!!
(Oh, and her daughter lives in Victoria BC - small world!!)
We hadn't gone too far down the road (just before Belfast ME) and Doug spied a veritable cornucopia of awesomeness with a garage full of VW Westfalias and VW buses, of all shapes and sizes!! Oh brother!!
There he goes.....


Of course, I headed straight for this one. It pretty much looks exactly like our
last van, aptly named "Kiwi" by Teagan & Josh. Only difference was that when
we had our repainted, we had the roof and bumpers done the same colour. Black bra was on front - it was the sweetest of rides (almost ever)!! This beauty was for sale this past
winter for $9,000. A steal for sure. Now the owner thinks she "might" want to keep it....
See, we have always been crazy for VW's!!
We have realized that VW Westfalias are a travelling rig that you either get them or you don't. There is no convincing people of their awesomeness. It's in your blood.....

Not sure about all these. Kinda sad. I guess some of them
are just for parts. They just kept going on and on!! 


Onward we went, down the highway. Many more cool things to see along the way! Like I said, I wish I could remember every spot that we take pictures at but it would be impossible, have you seen how many pictures I take?? Oh right, you have!! Actually, you don't see but a few of them!! 

Harbours everywhere (...who knew??)

Pink dinosaur...yup, right in the heart of Maine!

See that sky?? Doesn't it look a bit like rain a'comin'??

....and I was right!!!! 
My R&D Department knew that this bridge with an observatory was coming up.
Looked pretty amazing but we did not stop on it or go inside.....


See the observation area on top?

Looking off the bridge deck....


Getting near Bar Harbor.

...and now look at the weather!! This is all within a space
of about 30 minutes......

Right in Bar Harbor now. Super cute little town.
We will do more exploring in the next few days...



So, we are staying at Hadley's Point Campground. (  It is located in Bar Harbor, about 7 miles from the actual little town it's self. Very nice, well-run place. They are not a Passport America park. They are a family run park, owned for 3 generations by the same folks. We like that! We literally saw it as we were driving by. Their normal rates are about $34 per night and $38 per night on weekends. Even though it is nearly Memorial Day weekend, we still got a special deal. 3 nights for the price of 2. That works out to about $25.92 per night for water and electrical (and wifi) and we can't beat that for where we are. We still need electrical as sometimes still need the heater at night. That is mostly due to our canvas sides on the van. It can get chilly in here! We are here until Saturday morning.

Nice view, although even the pool isn't filled up yet. No loss for us though!



Euri, the road warrior rests comfortably at spot #A24 after
taking care of us for yet another day on the road! 
Okay, so what is on the agenda you ask (well, I know some of you asked that question). If you have followed us on a map, you will see that we are basically on top of Acadia National Park and on the east coast of Maine at Bar Harbor. Pretty awesome area. Now, we aren't going to be staying in the park but there is a circle drive of about 27 miles that we are planning to do on Thursday. Since we have everything with us it will be nice to have a picnic somewhere along the way in the park. Even though we aren't camping there, at least we can see some of this beautiful area. On Friday, we plan on doing a trip into Bar Harbor to do a nice walk about in the town. Looks really nice and lots of shops and places to discover. Let's hope the weather cooperates!! And of course, these above ideas are just "plans"....
See you tomorrow!!
Thought for the Day: Something we have learned....Go and see all you possibly can .


  1. Why aren't you staying in the park...?

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