Sunday, 18 May 2014

Stonington CT to Dennis Port MA (209 Kms=130 Miles)

Seems a bit surreal to be camping on "the Cape". I mean, we have, over the years, heard so much about this area and now we are here - CRAZY!!!!

As you can see above, another long haul for us but we did dally along the way. First stop was into Old Mystic for breakfast. Super nice little harbour town. Just as we imagined it would be. It is about 10 minutes from the campground we stayed at for the past 2 days.





Draw bridge on the main drag in the town.
Check out the counter balances on it below!

HUGE concrete pieces!!

Super nice little harbour....



This house has the old traditional "Widow's Walk" on top. It is
where in years gone by that the women would wait and pace watching
for their husbands ships to safely return to port. Not sure about the inappropriate name!!
Couldn't they have called it the "Happy to see my husband come home walk"??
Then we hit Hwy 95 and that brings you along the coast and up into the edge of Providence Rhode Island!! Guess what - another state for us. If you are keeping track it is our 20th state on this trip...and I managed to get the welcome/discover Rhode Island sign!! (Even though they didn't say it, I am sure they welcomed us too!!)
Rhode Island State Flag. No, I did not cut off the left hand side. Not sure
why they don't have the yellow trim all the way around.
Guess that is the part against the flag pole so they did not want
to waste the ink!!
 Downtown Providence looms in front of us but we did not go in to see it...
Well, before we knew it, we had passed right underneath the "Welcome to Massachusetts " sign that was right over top of the highway. That was a bit cheesy. I mean, can't they have a nice highway sign by the side of the road at least.....AND, this is our 21st state!!! So we started in Connecticut, went through Rhode Island and then Massachusetts. Three states in one day!  
Massachusetts State Flag. 

Fall River Nuclear plant....

Big bridge going into Fall River, MA

...and now we are hitting the Cape Cod area!!
We did stop in Woods Hole. (Remember, I mentioned that they have the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Well, all the buildings were closed (including the aquarium we were told to go see) but we still enjoyed seeing the little town. This is also where the ferry to Martha's Vineyard leaves from.









Just in case you forgot what we looked like!!


It's hard to see but the ferry does say "Martha's Vineyard" on it...
(Who IS Martha anyway??)


As always, Euri waits patiently.....
From there is was on to Falmouth and we stopped there for a bit too (I told you we weren't in a big hurry!!) It was a pretty little town too!!

Do you recognize me in my new hat???

Just after you go through Providence, we changed onto Hwy 195 and followed it through to Hwy 28 which took us down to Woods Hole and then onto where we are tonight. Camper's Haven in Dennis Port MA. It is another good Passport America rate at $24 so we are happy with that. Oh, by the way. You may have noticed that occasionally there is some shadowing at the top corner of the pictures. This is because the camera was dropped on a sidewalk in Nashville. This means to get the lens to open properly, I have to bang it on my hand, lots of times. (I feel a new camera coming this fall!!) I normally try and trim it off the pictures but sometimes I miss them, like in the one below!
Good old Site P19
Not many transients like us but lots of permanent folks. Still
it is one of the nicer parks we have stayed at in a while....
Right across from the office is the access point to the beach area.
The little highway is really just a little highway so no problem crossing it



Scads of these little shells all over the beach.
Don't worry, I brought a few home as samples!!

So, we are here just for tonight. Tomorrow morning we will head up to Provincetown which is 45 miles to the end of the Cape. We will scout around there tomorrow and THEN turn and come back to Sandwich MA like I said we were going to do today. We just changed our minds and decided to come to Dennis Port instead, which is only about 10 miles away....

Hope everyone in Canada enjoys the long weekend!!


Thought for the Day:  Take time to do what makes your soul happy.


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    1. Thanks Peter - But before you know it, we will be back in the Lower Mainland. We are looking forward to it!!