Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Kingston NS (Day 2)

Hold onto your hats because it is going to be a "hoot" of a day!!

We were treated to something we have never seen before. Several people that Paula & Jerry now have put in Barred Owl nesting boxes. Once the babies hatch and are about three weeks to 1 month old, the folks call the Nova Scotia Barred Owl expert, Bernard Forsythe. In 2013, he was awarded the  Stan Hodgkiss Canadian Outdoorsperson of the Year Award by the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

For the past four decades, this 71 year old has made it his mission to preserve the barred owl population. Let's see him in action!!

Bernard Forsythe shows us the metal bands that are used.....

They are really lightweight....

Mommy just flew out of the box when Bernard approached with
the ladder and sat, the whole time, in a nearby tree. They
don't seem to mind him as he does this each year..... 
See, he has one little baby in his hand and
the Mommy is in the tree on the left....

Notice his helmet and heavy gloves. If these Mommies get
anxious and decide to swoop at him, those claws and beak and hurt!! 

This little guy displayed some aggravation
at being taken out of his warm owl box!!

Then his little brother/sister joined him. When Bernard put the
second one down, he flipped over on his side and stayed that way!!


Just what type of jewellery do you want??

This takes a steady hand to do this without being pecked at!!

Aren't they adorable??

Good luck in your lives little guys - be careful!!
After this we drove down to Bear River to Myrtle & Rosie's CafĂ© and treated ourselves to dessert and coffee and then went across the street to Flight of Fancy, a nice gift store. 

They are just having this great old heritage building painted!!
Notice the stilts it is on over the river?
 Warm and toasty inside with lots of
yummy treats!!

Thanks ladies!!

The bathroom has big felt markers to write on the wall!!
Flight of Fancy shop with a great river view upstairs!!


What a nice little town!!
What we really enjoyed was how we just wound our way along beautiful country roads dotted with beautiful little homes. suddenly you come around a corner and see an amazing view of the Bay of Fundy, then its back to more greenery, blossoms, farms, neatly stacked piles of firewood just begging to go in someone's fireplace.....This whole area where we are today is called the Annapolis Valley. 

After Bear River, it was on to Port-Royal. For $5 each you can go in and soak up some Canadiana history. The first European settlement in Canada in 1604, Port-Royal. This national historic site features a reconstruction of early 17th- century buildings representing the former colony of the French who settled for a time along the Nova Scotia coast.

People in period costumes.....
Ahhh, notice the lovely blue skies now?
Way to go Nova Scotia!!!
Everything was recreated from the old plans and drawings. It
was reconstructed in 1939 so, although, not the "actual" thing, you can
see an amazing history on how those first settlers lived..... 

Most of the men that came here to work came for one year
without their families. What a long time in a foreign land, huh?
Paula & Jerry...I think these two like it here!!
Sweet dining room set-up. You can have lots of guests in here!!

Interior of the fort....
Nothing like foot shots....with clogs!



Time to go!!!
(Photo credit: Paula Gale)
After this it was off to Annapolis Royal, which is across the river. from Port-Royal. Another great area. Of course, it was time to eat (again!!). This time we had a treat and tried another regional speciality Rappie Pie. Basically it has chicken, potato, onion and is baked. Then they toss the pie on a flat top and grill it a bit. I believe that sometimes it is not put on the flat top but simply served with a proper pie shell. Yummy either way and it is served with molasses!! We all shared it as an appy and then ordered our lunches....

 The world famous Nova Scotia Rappie Pie, served with molasses!!
Then it was off to wander around town for a little while. It was cool this morning with grey skies but by now it had cleared up and was getting warmer. Such a beautiful day it turned out to be. 



More Annapolis Royal shops.....

Across the bay is where the Port-Royal fort is..... 
Annapolis Royal has put in a really nice boardwalk
with it's own little lighthouse...




I love a good beached boat picture!!!

I know, just a few more!!


So, after being around all these fishing towns I had decided hat I wanted to buy an old buoy or float from a lobster trap or boat (or where ever they come from). People "in these parts" have them hanging all over the place and I was determined to bring one home. You can imagine just how very pleased Doug was at this revelation! Five months of driving in Euri with his wife collecting shells, sand, rocks, trinkets and now we are going to add a buoy to the collection for the next month until we are home!! Sheeesh!!
So, as we were driving along Paula yells at Jerry "Stop" there is a buoy in a tree on the side of the road by the bushes. No where near anything or any driveway. So, Jerry, being the truly good friend he is, turns around and we head back and park on the side of the road and get out and pull it off the tree.
Paula and I had to yank on the tree to pull it over towards us....

I am pretty sure at this point that Jerry
wanted to just drive away without us.....
Anyway, it is in good old Euri now. I may have to sleep for the next month with it under MY pillow but I will get it home!! Yeehaw!!!
...then we stopped at the next church to pray for forgiveness!!
Wow - what a great day we had!! Jerry & Paula drove us all over (...well, Jerry drove) and showed off, with perfection, this little corner of their paradise. They have made us feel so welcome in their home, in their town, in their province. We love the way they LOVE their province and it shows in everything they do and say about it. It is simply beautiful and we are looking forward to the next few days to be able to learn more about this place they call "New Scotland"....or Nova Scotia!!!
Hang on, it's going to be quite a ride!!
Thought for the Day: As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen.....Winnie the Pooh


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    1. That is maybe your funniest comment, Peter!! Glad you are enjoying it all!!

  2. We'll need a few more lifetimes to see everything that you have on this trip alone.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No you won't. Just get that fifth wheel out there and head for the Maritimes!!

  3. Just reading this makes me miss you guys even more......way to go Nancy, remember the chair for Gus and the Tortilla maker and Doug can you remember when I asked you to bring back a kitten for me? You got off easy this time!