Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Queen Anne MD to College Park MD (70 Miles)

First, we have not one, but TWO birthdays today!!

In order of seniority it is my brother, Mark Tamas' birthday. Thanks bro - you are an amazing guy and the forests of British Columbia are in safe hands with you!! We hope that wherever you are, you have a great day!!

 Mark, hope your day is great!!!
Next, it is our niece, Stephanie Nichols', birthday too. Imagine having to share a birthday with your uncle, huh? We hope you have a great day too!!

Have a great day, Steph!!
Embarrassingly easy drive of 70 miles today. Pretty much just linked up the Hwy 50 and followed it into the I-95 and voila, here we were! Some pretty cool stuff along the way and almost before we could even get bored we were parked at Cherry Hill Park in College Park MD. We are just a short bus ride away from the capitol of the most powerful country in the world!! We are ready for our next few days of touring Washington DC!!!!!
Here are some shots along the way......


 Nice marina beside the bridge.....


William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge
over the Chesapeake Bay.....

Chesapeake Bay....pretty huge!!!

Hey, that's where we are going tomorrow!!!
Now, that's quite the greeting committee!!
Michelle & Mr. President waiting for us!! (They are a tad
over-dressed for camping, don't you think?) 
Nice spot #425....

Lots of trees and greenery...
Seems to be a great park. It isn't a campground, it is an RV park. But we are 15 minutes to Washington DC and we are both pretty excited. This park is situated on an old farm and has been here for many years. The only "downside" to it is that you get highway noise but for the convenience to the big centre and the general ambiance of the park, it's a winner for us. Just walked back from an ice cream at the little restaurant. They have a pool and wonderful laundry and meeting room facilities but not pretentious like some of the places we have seen. Oh, and the metro bus comes right onto the property to pick up anyone who is headed for the subway and into Washington. We are taking a different bus in that will be hooking up with a hop on/hop off bus. Again, right from this site. So far, so good!! 
Gotta go and get the lunch packed up for tomorrow. Bus leaves here at 7 am so that means we are up at 5:45 am so we are ready. Should be back here by about 6 pm for dinner.....
Put on your comfy shoes, there will be lots of walking tomorrow!!
Thought for the Day: Be selective in your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.

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  1. Oh, I'm excited for you - Washington, DC, here you come! I've been there several times throughout my life; each time is special and kind of surreal. It's overwhelming but zoo very interesting. Enjoy it all. Oh and say 'hi' to Barrack and Michelle for me.