Monday, 26 May 2014

Moncton NB (Day 2)

Time to send out HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Hanna Beatty!! We hope you have a great day today. Now, I took several optional pictures just for you Miss Hanna. It was raining so hard for the first one that I retreated to the ladies bathroom at Fundy National Park to do the second one. You'll get it when you see it!!

Doug and I hope you celebrated in a fabulous style that is befitting you!!!

Your own covered bridge.....

I am sure you get the drift!!!!
We woke up to 4 C (38F) today. Pretty chilly and then while we were dining on granola & coffee (breakfast in style) it started to rain. No, let me correct that. It started to P-O-U-R!!
A bit of a bummer since today's outing takes us down to Hopewell Cape and the Hopewell Rocks (the flower pot rocks as they are commonly known). It is about 45 minutes from where our campsite is located so not too bad a drive. Oh well, don your wellies everyone and get in the van for a great day with the Beglaws in Maritime Canada!!
One thing we have learned for sure and that is when you are touring like we have been, you cannot let a pesky thing like pouring rain stop you from the day's planned activities!!
Just a titch soggy out there....

Visitor Centre at Hopewell Rocks
This is located on the world famous Bay of Fundy. Most of you already know about this. Today's high tide was at 10:47 a.m. and low tide was at 5:23 pm. That means that for about 3-4 hours before 5:23 p.m. you will be able to walk out on the ocean floor by all these glorious rock formations. They are lovingly known as the flower pot rocks.
We arrived in our rainstorm at 11:00 a.m. and went down to see what high tide looked like. It is about a 15 minute walk down a nice wooded trail or a 5 minute shuttle ride ($2 each). Oh, and the cost to get into Hopewell Rocks is $9 each. Your admission ticket is actually good for 2 days, just in case you miss one of the incoming or outgoing tides. This is a sight to behold!!!
11:00 a.m.
3:15 p.m.
I looks like someone pulled the bathtub plug out, doesn't it?? This tide today changed by 39.5 feet. Incredible. Doug checked on the tide change at White Rock BC and it changed by 9 feet today. Reason is that this is a narrow shallow area and the tidal changes are extremely pronounced! Both these pictures were taken from the observation deck. I will now show you the rest of the low tide pictures along with what we did to pass the time in between. We came back at about 3:00 p.m. and went walking about at the bottom but those pictures will be last.....
Off the observation deck they have a massive set of stairs
that go right to the bottom.....

 Doug at 11:00 a.m.
Doug at 3:15 p.m.

So, after that we headed back up and stopped in the café for a hot chocolate and cinnamon bun to warm up. Yummy. We were pretty much the only ones in there and no wonder!!

I just can't figure out why no one else is out on those patio tables!!

Oh right.....
We headed back out onto the Fundy Coastal Drive highway and went down to the National Park. Not much to do there and not much open. Unlike the Acadia Nat'l Park, there really isn't a circle drive to do so we just chatted with the ranger for a bit and headed back out on our way. She pointed us towards Cape Enrage. Super nice drive, despite the rain....
Love these covered bridges!!


The road into Cape Enrage. It is also located on the Fundy Coastal Drive.
Well, you have to turn off and go 6 kms up their road to the lighthouse....

Smile - that's Nova Scotia over there!!
Hi Paula & Jerry - see you tomorrow!!!

There sits Euri, perched high on the Cape Enrage ledge...
We thought it a bit strange when we arrived because they have an entrance fee (luckily it is off-season) and we noticed the zip-line. there is also rock climbing and rappelling. Now, we wondered about this, at first thinking it was a bit tacky. Then we spoke with the lady that is one of the guides/gardeners. It seems that this is now a fully automated lighthouse so that means no "keeper". Without someone tending to it constantly, it ran into quite a bit of disrepair around the grounds and then some people came and started fixing it up. They now have students that come and work in the summer here. They have a rock climbing expert that is there also. All these things, including the small entrance fee in summer, help to generate an income for the property and the income is put right back into the care and upkeep. It is a not for profit organization. Once we heard that we were okay with the "extras" that are here. Check them out at for more information.

You can just see the other end of the zip line over by the trees.
You pretty much dangle out over the water on this!!

She also told us about the stairs that lead down to the
ocean floor, so we took them of course!
Huge rock slabs that fall down onto the beach area, if you can call it a beach! 

You know me and my "collecting". Doug thought this
one was a bit too big to bring home - see how it is shaped like a bell?

Okay, I found just a few little ones. Just where to put them in the van??
Since this is not a National Park, it is okay to bring them home....

Basically, after we had spent about 45 minutes at the lighthouse, which by the way has been in operation since the 1840's and is one of the oldest working lighthouses in the province, we headed back towards Hopewell Rocks to see the low tide. Nice scenery along the way. Shhhh - it has stopped raining!!! 


Okay, just another random shoe tree. Remember the
one we showed you in Slab City by the Salton Sea??

This is just mind-boggling, isn't it?? The Bay of Fundy is officially one of the Marine wonders of the World. Sometimes the tides can rise as much as 53 feet over a 12 hour period, twice in a day!! Oh, one of the things that the Interpretative Guide was mentioning is that if you see pictures of this area, with the flower pot rocks and the water is a lovely blue, it has been photo-shopped. He says it is ALWAYS brown like this!! Pretty funny. Now I will have to go and see if I can find a phony one!!  


 Remember those water covered stairs in the above pictures??

It is a photographers dream down here.....

Full look at those stairs.....


Again, lucky us to be in that slow, off-season time!! 




It just goes on and on....


Oh, and the MUD!!! Unless you have big boots on, don't step in
the red mud!! You will get completely covered in it. There are huge fields of it!!

They have a great foot washing station and built in foot scrubbers too!!

And then a nice 15 minute walk back up to the parking lot....

Well, the day started off pretty wet but we persevered and sure enough, it dried out and we had a great day. You gotta do what you gotta do, right??
Tomorrow we will be going to Kingston, Nova Scotia to stay with Paula & Jerry Gale. They are our friends that we met in Mexico. You also met them when we were in Memphis and Nashville. We are pretty stoked!! We will be staying at their place for 5 nights. Sounds like there will be lots on the agenda.
....those five nights, they are still okay right, Jerry???
Also, just a shout out to all those people who read the blog. When we started this out a few years ago it was really to keep our family advised of our Mexico adventures. We are happy to say that we have now surpassed the 100,000 "hits" mark. We are at 100,165 today and very proud of that. I know lots of blogs out there have many more but we are very happy with this and we thank you all, our readers near and far, for getting us to that milestone!!! Give yourselves a pat on the back!!!

Thought for the Day: The only difference between good weather and bad weather is poor clothing choices!!


  1. As my father used to say..."The only thing you can change about the weather is your attitude towards it".

  2. Congrats on passing the 100, 000 mark! We're impressed. And you're about to be impressed, too. Jer says that this week and this week only, when you stay five nights you get all five nights FREE!!! Drive safely tomorrow. We'll have the home fires burning!

  3. Another great post, wonderful pix and good storytelling. Makes me want to get up and go! Congrats on your milestone!