Monday, 19 May 2014

Dennis Port MA to Sandwich MA (172 Kms=107 Miles)

Well, the mileage isn't exactly as I show. We actually left Dennis Port, MA this morning and headed up the Cape on Hwy 28 to Chatham. After that we went as far up Hwy 28 as we could and then you go onto Hwy 6. Next stop was Provincetown. THAT, ladies and gents is as far on the cape as you can go. the pilgrims actually landed first in Provincetown, in 1620 but decided to settle in Plymouth. Sheesh, that's a l-o-n-g time ago!!!

Anyway, you can Google the history of the Cape. It is a pretty amazing place. After leaving the Camper's Haven park in Dennis Port, we headed up the back road (Hwy 28) to Chatham to check out that small town. Pretty neat place:


Great look out spot right in front of the Coast Guard and Lighthouse station...

Euri always enjoys a scenic spot!!

A tiny little seafarers' cemetery with one headstone and I
couldn't even read the inscription, it was that old..... 

Some interesting sandbars and shoals out there.
After that, it's just the Atlantic Ocean!
 Good-Bye Chatham!!
We then carried on to Provincetown, which wasn't very far, maybe about 30 miles away. We got quite tangled up as they are doing so much construction and road work. The only problem was that there were no road signs to direct you nor any people that were telling you which way to go! After about 1/2 hour we got into a small parking lot and paid to park for $6 and walked around. We wanted to go in and see the Pilgrim Monument....
Looks a little crooked doesn't it?
We were walking up quite a steep hill behind a school....


So, there was a $12 each admission charge to go in. We declined. Honestly,
I think we are a bit done with extra charges so we opted to just read
about it outside and marvel at it's "awesome-ness". But above is a bit of info.
We're happier just strolling around anyway!!


 Pretty cool little commerce area....

A view back to the Pilgrim's Monument. Look it's straight!!

Looked like a cool spot to eat but we opted for the
place across the street..... 

Doug actually had the audacity to nearly touch his beer
before I got this photo taken!!! Has he learned nothing on this trip??
...and he daren't touch his lunch until I was finished with this.
But this building looked pretty cool, right?
Right on the other side of the street from the restaurants and shops
is the nice beach area. Pretty sure it must get jammed in the summer!!



Then we drove up to the VERY end and the National Cape Cod Seashore Ranger area
and walked down on the beach for a bit. So nice. Some sand may have found it's
way into my van.....via my ankle sock (well, I had no other way to collect it!)


Tonight we are at Peter's Pond in Sandwich, MA. Nice campground/permanent vacation type of place. We have been to many of these but this one is pretty nice. Great Passport America rate of $24 for the night, with wifi so we are happy. Nice bathrooms too!


We have this joke that in Canada when there is a long weekend (especially the May long weekend) it often rains. Well, it is the May long weekend in Canada and it is raining here!! It's following us!! Funny that it was so nice up in Provincetown too!!

 But, guess who called to brighten up our day!!!!
He was particularly animated tonight!! Gosh, we love that kid!!!
So tomorrow we are meeting Austin and Rebecca for lunch in Boston. It is about 1-1/2 hours north of here and we will just take the quickest route. We are super excited to see them. We are hoping to have enough time before we arrive in Boston to run into  Plymouth Rock (well, not literally....). After that we will be BLASTING out of there and likely into the southern most part of Maine. Then we are making our way up to Bar Harbor for Wednesday and Thursday nights (at least).....Planning, planning - all the time! Sheesh.....
Thought for the Day: The earth has music for those who listen. Shakespeare


  1. Great pictures, Nancy & Doug! You're getting closer every day. Yay! Enjoy the coastal route in Maine. It's one of our favs. And how about that little Gus? So stinkin' cute!!!

    1. We just love this eastern seaboard. Could be one of our favs of the trip!!

  2. Cape Cod is somewhere that I would like to see but not in the summer with all the crowds. I think you picked the perfect time of the year. It doesn't look crowded and you get to see all the pretty spring flowers and blossoms. Glad you had a fun day.

    1. We have enjoyed not having too many people around us when we are at special places. Makes the picture taking SO much easier!!

  3. Just adding my two bits to the above comments from parts of the 2013 Mexico crew, I'm envious of your adventure - and yes, it is at one of the best times of the year for weather and crowds (or lack there of) in New England. I'll just sit here in California and follow along. Love the photos.

    1. Your two bits are always welcome!! A little cool in New England but so nice without crowds. Pretty much every spot we have been in we always think that you would enjoy them too.....glad you are taking it easy on that knee!!