Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Melaque to Valle de Juarez (288 Kms) - Days 1 & 2

Hi....we're back!!!!

Fri., Feb 26:

We absolutely loved our time at Villa Xochipilli. Irma could not have been more accommodating and, as you also saw, the facilities are amazing. Thank you for a great time, Irma, and we will see you next year!!

Our drive from the beach to the highlands went really well. It doesn't look long on paper but it takes roughly 4.5 hours to get there.

We left Melaque at 9:30 am after breakfast and a quick gas up. The road heading down to Manzanillo is pretty good with a just one toll along the way.

....and then there were none.

See you next year!!!

One last breakfast at Rosita's Loncheria. Doug's
favourite, chilliquiles and eggs.

See you next year amiga!!!

Banana plantations everywhere.
About 2 hours into the drive we met Paula and Jerry at Tecoman. We actually drove right by them as they were at a Pemex. They were heading back from a different beach location further south than Melaque and were also heading to Valle de Juarez. It is always nice to have company on the road so we travelled together. Our own little convoy!!

Volcano in Colima......yes, it DID disappoint!!

Going through what I call "Valley of the topes", also known
as Tamazula. Cane trucks everywhere and terrible roads.
Paula counted the topes....54 of them!! Not much room for Jerry!!

I am trying to show you just a little bit of the cane on the road....everywhere! 

Maybe it has something to do with trucks that are loaded like this??

After Colima you really start to climb into the pine forest.
See how the landscape has changed....oh yeah, notice
the bag that looks like it is ABOUT to fall of this truck???

We arrived at Hacienda El Retiro in Valle de Juarez at about 3 pm so the drive was really quite easy, except for the aforementioned issue!! All set up and, as you all know by now, no internet but good bathrooms and there is a washing machine for us to use. Also, this is a little restaurant and Chema’s son, Christian, was here so we were able to order some snacks and have a few drinks. Sal & Barb joined us so it was like “old home week”! 
Inside Hacienda El Retiro.....
Sat., Feb 27  
The days just seem to go by effortlessly here in Valle de Juarez. There is just something relaxing about the area and it really seems that we both felt that we “came home”. Nice feeling. Saturday was the town’s tianguis and we always enjoy that. Doug has waited this whole trip for carnita’s at Chema’s El Retiro Restaurant in town. They did not disappoint!  First though it was a stop at a favourite haunt, La Cocinita for breakfast.....

Greeted by a pot of simmering Café d'Olla.
(coffee with cinnamon and a touch of sugar...yum!)
Market time.....
Just for you and your friend!
...and carnitas at Chema's!!! Cooked out front of his
restaurant every Saturday!

Happy hour peeps: Jerry, Doug, Paula, Sal, Barb, Ulli & Heinz

Sunset from Barb & Sal's.....
I'll stop here and carry on with another post!!
Thought for the Day: No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted……Aesop. 


  1. Greetings from cold, wet Langley. You guys look well and comfy, enjoy!

    1. But you have lovely memories of a beautiful place to keep you going until the sun comes home!!

  2. We always feel like we are coming home as well when we arrive in Valle de Juarez.

    What a beautiful sunset!

    We have now moved over to Chema's after we watched the caravan head to the coast this morning.

    1. Great job with the caravan guys but I am sure you are glad to be back on your own! Everyone seemed really content and happy when we saw them at happy hour! Valle is just like coming home!!

  3. Glad to see you are back. Now I can binge on your catch-up posts.

    1. Hey, that's a nice way to spend the afternoon, especially if Norman brings you a glass of wine!!!