Friday, 11 March 2016

Mazatlan (Day 2)

We really do love this city. Unfortunately, we are only here for 2 more nights so the time will go by fast. We, undoubtedly, will not get everything done that we want to do. I suppose that something's will have to wait until the next visit.....

This morning we went back to our favourite diner spot next door, Iguana Sana (Healthy Iguana). We were happy to see Alexandra and Bidi again and have another great breakfast.

Myself, Alex and Bidi.....
After breakfast, we headed across the street just to peak up and down at "our" beach. We wondered with all the storms that hit the coast in the past few days what it would look like.

Looking north towards the Riu....

South towards Mazatlan...
So, as we were standing there, Doug noticed something at the water's edge. He wondered if it was an old coconut. I went down and grabbed it and lo and behold, he found the Mother Lode of all shells ever for us!! Now, anyone who knows me, knows I usually have a stone, stick, sea glass or shell in my pocket. I am constantly looking for treasures at any beach we are at. This shell pretty much trumps any shell ever found by us. It's a beauty!! The other thing that is a bit funny is that this is a very highly walked beach so the chance of finding something like this is just all in the timing of that one perfect wave bringing it in.....

Super thick and heavy too.....
Make room in the van......
Anyway, after all that excitement, we hopped on the bus (.....not WITH the shell) and took it down to the malecon. It was a beautiful afternoon and the sun was hot but the wind was refreshing. Just the perfect storm of a day if you don't wear sunscreen (....which we did) for a blazing sunburn!! Anyway, Doug has checked and it seems that we walked about 7.4 kms!! We are pretty happy with that, even though it is pretty flat.
Always interesting...want to tag along (put on your sunscreen!!)
That big white building is Valentino's, a sort of party centre, bar.
That is where we started. I had to turn around to get this shot..... 

Little three-wheeled motorcycle restaurant.

Doug and his baseball team....The Venados of Mazatlan. They won the Caribbean World Series, the highest level baseball tournament at club level in Latin America.
Participants include: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico,
Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Doug even one of their hats!!
New palapa restaurant being built...

Maybe he's looking for a band to join??
We like this area. Oh, see that little hill with the cell towers?
We are going to end up there....behind it actually.

Doug particularly likes this hotel's colour.....

However, we weren't sure about the randomly placed brick "sort of" house attached to it?This is Mexico so you just never know what the original plan was but I did notice that
there are some jaunty pots out front just waiting for plants!!

Down and around fisherman's beach. This guy uses old jugs
for his buoys on his nets. Very practical...and free!

Carla - this one is for you.....
Doug liked this little ride.

Nice work, City of Grande Prairie, AB for donating this bus. I
believe the Marines in training use it.
Back of the old Marine building.....don't think it is used now.

There's that hill that I mentioned we were walking to. 

Pretty much the furthest building you can see there is where
we started from....

No thanks.....I wouldn't want my house hanging over the cliff.

Tidal swimming pool....

One of the historic areas, Angel Flores. You cannot
change any of the outsides of these houses. 

Not a great shot due to where the sun was. My friend that was here in Mazatlan,
Carol, has a spectacular shot from this same angle and the colours are brilliant.... 

I just love the colours and styles of the houses....

Wow, so 7.4 kms later, we were on the bus and heading back to the campground. Phew!! That was a great time out. Later on, we got on our bikes and rode about 1/2 km away to a neat little roadside restaurant that sets up in the parking lot of a local store. Scorpion Tacos. 

And with that, we will bid you all a good night. We hope that everyone has had a nice week and you can enjoy the weekend ahead.
Thought for the Day: The answer may not be at the beach. But shouldn’t we at least check? (....thanks to Danielle Young)


  1. Beautiful old town colours. We will be there next season.

  2. We like that beach also and always thought it was ours!! Wow, you guys are amazing. That is a super long walk. That would qualify for a weeks worth of exercise for us. Enjoy the rest of your time there.

  3. What's with the Eskimos logo and Alberta (?) flag overhead in the restaurant?