Thursday, 10 March 2016

La Penita de Jaltemba to Mazatlan (365 Kms)

I always find it hard to leave one place and head out to another, even though I love the place we are heading to!!

Things are getting back to normal at Little Rig RV Park. A big shout out and thank you to Brian and Carole for an amazing stay. We loved it!! Just too bad about that last two days of stormy weather.....

I see Brian's one wire, three post fence held up for two days now....

We left La Penita about 8:20 a.m. this morning. It is a very pretty drive through this part of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Very hilly and, I think, we hit a high of about 1200 meters. It always amazes us both that this is the Mex200, a very busy coastal highway yet it is still just two lanes. Tons of transport trucks and buses use this route daily. Road is in good condition, excellent really but it can get backed up a bit.

High up on one of the sharp corners is this huge shrine. I guess
it commemorates all the lost souls from traffic accidents up here....

You can see that white van, 4th car back, he just got his butt back on his side.
When this group came around the corner, he was in our lane.
Passing on a double yellow, around a corner.....

Pretty twisty.....

...but some parts remind me of the Cariboo in BC's interior.
At least at 1103 meters above sea about one hour.
I know you see that Doug is going 76 kms/hour and it posts that the speed limit is 40 kms/hour but that is actually incorrect as we just went past a 80 kms/hour sign.
Again, I don't's Mexico!!

Just south of Tepic. It's quite pretty in this valley.

So, yes. This is the Mex200 going right through the old part of Tepic.
Big trucks, buses, etc. About two blocks from here, twice now, we have
run the same stop sign. Shhh.... Don't tell the Federale's!!!

Now you get back onto the main part, heading north to Mazatlan.....

Four lanes now, north of Tepic. Pretty nice road.

For my transportation buddies back at Quantum Link Logistics!!

I don't's Mexico.

Never far from our mind.......

Stopped at a toll booth for lunch....very tidy and safe spot.

We pulled in behind the guy on the right, who was fixing something
on his truck but then the double semi pulled in right behind us!!

Doug managed to wiggle his way out.....


Ahhh.....feels like home back here in Mazatlan.
We'll be here for a few days!
Okay, we are tired......good night everyone. See you tomorrow!!


Thought for the Day: One day you will wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do all the things you’ve always wanted. Do them now…..Paulo Coelho


  1. I know it's not as much money for you guys, but the free road between Tepic and Mazatlan is actually in good shape and is better scenery than the toll road.

  2. Looks like trucking is the same in any language! See you Soon! :)

  3. Dang you didn't say which RV park you are in but I guessed. There was even a front row site available for you :( By the way there is only 1/4 mile left to pave, might be done by end of day today.

    1. Thanks my dear. We are only here for a few nights and want to place ourselves close to the Cuota and be on our merry way to San Carlos! See you next year!!