Tuesday, 15 March 2016

San Carlos (Day 2)

Okay, so we lazed about today (yes, this is the theme of the entire winter retreat, isn't it?) but it is our last full day in this great country so we didn't want to rush about with anything!

We did, however, ride our bikes for a little ways to the bank and then discovered that I had a flat(ish) tire so we returned back. Of course, that then lead to "well, I think we should go to the restaurant next door and have a margarita to celebrate the fact that this is our last day here" so that is what we did.

I know, hopeless......

This is where it all began 2-1/2 months ago. I know, hard to believe!!
...and we weren't nearly so tanned either!! I would say
more of a ghastly white-ish hue....

Lovely beach with the most magnificent assortment of rocks.....

 San Carlos Bay-new header shot. Like it??

Just walking the beach is one of our favourite things to do.... 
Oh, and maybe pick up a few shells and things....
I don't know why. I think you can call it an obsession of mine.

And with this last note to you all (above), we are out of Mexico tomorrow morning. We will leave here about 7:00 am (....gasp). Oh, there will be plenty more to tell you about so don't worry. We have a three day journey home to BC so I am sure that will be filled with a few fun stories. Should be spending the evening in Gila Bend AZ tomorrow evening so until then........"Bye for Now" and love from Mexico!!
See you tomorrow in the U.S.A.!!!
Peace....go right to bed everyone!!
Thought for the Day: Home is not a place. It is a feeling....


  1. Take your time and smell the pollen there is bound to be something you haven't seen in the past. Three days sounds like a hard push.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Wish you were coming through Vegas, miss you guys.

  3. Great header photo, you captured the blue in the water so nicely. That beach does have an array of interesting shells.

  4. Great looking margaritas! Drive between the ditches!

  5. I love the shells to. That is a must when at the ocean. Travel safe.

  6. I've been away so long; I know nothing about your Winter adventure, Doug and Nancy. But, rest assured that I do think of you tow wonderful people often and still tell stories of our mutual adventures to the folks here in Guatemala. Tomorrow begins Holy Week (Semana Santa) and this year's "festivities" (more like Chopin's "Funeral March") with all the alfombras and processions is gearing up to be monumental. To tell you the truth, I'd also be happy away from the tourists and all. I will give an Easter party on the Saturday just before Easter - for about 25. It'll be fun and festive. Maybe I'll even get a blog post or two done! I love you guys and would love to see you sometime sooner rather than later! Hugs