Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Valle de Juarez, JAL to La Penita de Jaltemba, NAY (384 Kms)

Phew....almost caught up now!!

This drive is pretty good, well, except for the beginning and the end part, the road is good. Doug graciously volunteered to drive the first part out of the Valle de Juarez valley and up and past the edge of Guadalajara on the ring road....some whining on my part, helped with this decision. I drove the easy part, toll road, four lane divided and he did the end part, twisty through the mountains....again. It's just his lot in life I guess!

We got out of Valle de Juarez about 9:15 am after a stop at the local bank and a quick run through the little grocery store. We really love this town, a lot.

So many small towns have these lovely archways
in and, sometimes, out of town...

I know, this is how milk should be delivered!!! See the cans?
And my personal favourite, a DONKEY!!!

Know all those blackberries, raspberries, etc you see at your local
store that say "Grown in Mexico".....well, here you are!
South of Guadalajara

I believe we should do this at home. Just use a cardboard cut-out for a
traffic person....what could possibly go wrong??

Tiny drop off there....

Oh yeah, just enough room for the two Mazamitla buses to pass...

The town everyone likes to hate, San Luis Soyatlan, only because
the highway brings you right through the heart of town and it
is very narrow if you are driving a big rig, right Al??

No kidding, this IS the highway....

Now we are on the ring road around Guadalajara...very busy!

Always something exciting to see..... we are on the toll road. Say what you like,
we like the toll roads for their better quality, four lanes (generally) and
direct nature. Works for us..... 

Speaking of tolls.....

Guess what these are? Blue agave plants.
We are nearly going by the town of Tequila.

We pulled in at a viewpoint and Doug jumped out for the photo shoot...

We have done a tequila tour in 2012. Really enjoyed it....

Apparently, there clearly was no information to give us.....

Lots of climbing up and down the mountain but clear sailing.....

Blue agave plants as far as the eye can see.
Guess the world likes tequila!

...and just to prove to everyone that I do drive in Mexico.....ta da!!
That is my serious "I'm concentrating" face. 

Isn't this the greatest way home from school??
Just like that, 5 hours later, we are at the beach in La Penita.

Brian & Carole at Little Rig RV Park just managed to squeeze us in.
There are a total of 9 rigs here today. Two are leaving tomorrow and so we get move off of the driveway and into a "real" spot. Thanks for getting us in guys!

...and that's a wrap for today!!
So, here we are, all together again! We will be here for 8 days (until March 10th). Nice to have some beach time again as it is something we really like best! Hope everyone has had a great few days while we were away. Don't forget, I have done three posts tonight, so GET READING!!!!
Peace everyone.....
Thought for the Day: Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right.


  1. Try going through that little town with 10 rigs and some of them are really BIG but we did it without any problem, we must a picked a good day and time for it!

    Great shots of the scenery and yet another beautiful sunset.

    1. Yikes!! I thought about you guys leading everyone through there. I would have liked to have seen their faces when they spotted that rod! Good job!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Mike & Deb - It is an amazing spot for sure!

  3. Fab sunset shots. The migration has begun, RV's leaving here to head Norht and some from further South stopping here for a bit.

    1. It's always a bit sad when folks start heading home but then once you get on the road, home is a good place to end up!! Nice to hear from you!!