Friday, 4 March 2016

La Penita (Day 3)

Sunshine, warmth, ocean, repeat......

Today we tried walking over to the bigger RV park called (strangely enough) La Penita RV Park. We started out on the beach, not realizing that you could not get through and past some big rock outcroppings. Then we tried walking along a little road and up a huge driveway. That brought us to the back wall of the park with no way to get in it. Lastly, we went "home" and got our bikes and rode over. It was a little ride on the highway but it was okay. Doug's sister, Diane and husband Brian, have some very long-time friends that stay there each winter, Ken & Sue, so we rode over to say hi.

This was on the way to the RV park when we walked the back road.
It was odd to see a graveyard in such disrepair but we were told that
it is like this because it is being moved over to the other side of the highway.
Some of the old time coffins have already been moved.
Really in bad shape.....I think these folks deserve a better spot.

Ken, Sue and Doug

Sweeping view from up the top of the park.  It's no wonder that
we wouldn't have been able to walk to it from the beach!! See those rocks??

Just rode back home after this visit. It's a nice park but maybe a bit too big for our liking. Still, there are loads of people there and they all seem pretty happy and seem to know each other. Lots of the people we spoke with, from Antonio in the office to Ken and Stan, said to say a special "Hi and hello" to our good friends, Al & Colleen Unrau who used to come here as well.....
This bright guy was washed up on the shore by our place.
He looks strangely alive, doesn't he?
Anyone out there know what kind of fish this is??

I was quite fascinated by the blue colour. That is like a beak and
is hard like bone. (No, I used a stick to check....)
What about the marks around it's eyes, like blue make-up.

We will ponder what kind of blue-beaked fish that is washed
up on our shore, right in front of us....well, with a drink of course!!

Doug decided that he didn't like the smell of it anymore and tried to get it
back into the sea. It was a bit of a battle but he (Doug) won....

Goodness, we miss these little guys.....
"See y'all later"
Happy Friday everyone......even if you have to work on Saturday!!

Thought for the Day: Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot...Clarence Thomas



  1. Could your fishy be a parrot fish? That's my guess! Glad to hear you are happily settled in for the week. Enjoy, amigos! xo xo

  2. Yep - I think it's a rainbow parrot fish. There's a photo at
    that looks pretty close.

  3. Josh also investigated it and seems it is an Azure Parrotfish. The Rainbow one Dale was mentioning seems as though it is in the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful nonetheless. Josh mentioned that they feed off the reefs and literally poop out sand. Interesting.....