Monday, 7 March 2016

La Penita (Day 5 & 6)

Boy, I had to count out how many days we have been here. They just sort of roll all into one after a bit!!

Seems the big concern here of late is the rising tides. Carole (one of the owners) mentioned that this week, by Wednesday, is the highest tide to be seen. Since our short time here, we have definitely seen a difference in the level of the water.

First though, here is yesterday jaunts....

Definitely pounding higher and higher each day
which means there is less and less beach!

Walked into town yesterday for a late breakfast.
Just cannot beat fresh squeezed orange juice!

Every time we go to town, this mobile ceviche guy has a crowd
around him. Must be really good!!

Kids helping Mom push the family business cross the street.
They have apparently fixed up the town square quite nicely but still we are told
that virtually nothing ever happens here. Quite a change from Melaque where there is
action, people enjoying themselves at the town square, every night....

One of my new favourite stores....


Fisherman's alley.....
Well, that was yesterday. Today was much the same in that we didn't accomplish much. However, very interesting this morning was the HUGE tidal surge that came to visit at
the campground. Luckily we are at the rear of the property and behind the "big" house of Brian and Carole's. We shouldn't have to worry about floating away but I am sure Susan, in the front row had other thoughts when she was the only one up at 6:00 am and the tide pounded up and over the property, flooding everyone's rugs, etc, She is in the front row. and she said she didn't know whether to yell or run....... This is what happens when you are out playing with your cat at that hour!!!
Remember how I mentioned that the water level was rising this week. It is partially due to the new moon but also partly due to an incoming bad El Nino year. Time will tell indeed but check this out from this morning....
You can see from the wet grass just how far the tide surged in.
Way up front on the front right is the palapa where we sit (often....)

That little orange box on the right is on the back of Susan's motorhome.....
She had to drag away her steps, rug, plants etc and clean everything up as
did the first four sets of people!!

Now the root system for the palm trees is really exposed...crazy!!

More and more often, the tide is surging up to the property line.....
Of course, this means the beach, right now, is disappearing.

Carried on into town this afternoon.
Up and over the foot bridge into town....
Lagoon underneath the bridge.....

The guy that sells sugar cane has a good sense of humour
with all his little stuffed friends.....

Yeah, I am not sure about that security of that top balcony.
I usually worry about these things but even Doug said he wouldn't go up there....

Looking north up the malecon. Our campground is about
1/2 kilometer away from here....

Looking south down the malecon towards Rincon de Guayabitos

Okay, a margarita or two was in order in the 30C degree heat!!

Taxi stand....yes, she has a computer and phone there.....

Come on admit it, I haven't done too many of these this trip!!

Doug in his favourite spot, right by the sea....
He must have been a sailor in another life.

Freshly done laundry.....don't get used to this luxury!!
It's cheaper than finding a laundromat and doing it yourself!!

Once again, the sunset was still spectacular!!
Even on the ground, there appears a heart for you all......
So here is the funny is supposed to rain tonight and Wednesday. No, I know I am going to get NO sympathy from anyone up in BC but still, it is supposed to be quite the incoming rain. You may have noticed from tonight's sunset shot that there are clouds accumulating in the distance so we will see. Maybe we will also e floating by the morning, we will see.
Hopefully you will hear from us tomorrow!!
Peace and love to you all....
Thought for the Day: The only things you can take when you leave this world are the things you’ve packed inside your heart.


  1. Don't hurry back! It's cold and wet here. Those margritas look yummy.

  2. First bit of sunshine here the blender and tequila are coming out! We have been back a week today, we have vaccummed and dusted the house twice already. Oh yeah we had a broken hot water tank that flooded part of the basement, then the floor drain clogged so the laundry flooded us again. Peter is sick with a cold. Besides the obvious huge repair bill, we are suffering from culture shock. It is indeed weird to be here. We miss San Miguel very much. Miss the sunshine and lovely friendly people.

    1. Why wait for the sunshine and heat?? Turn up the furnace (if it works....ha ha ha!!) and enjoy yourselves! We will be in your shoes in a few weeks!

  3. We are dealing with those large waves and high tide also. So far today we have only had 5 minutes of a sprinkle. As of tomorrow the high tide will be less each day, not by much but not as high again this month.

  4. So lovely, wish we were there. sigh, sigh!!!