Thursday, 3 March 2016

La Penita (Day 2)

Super nice park here at Little Rig RV. Perfect size for us and we already know we will be back....Shockingly, we were up and had coffee on by 7:30 am this morning. Not sure how that happened but miracles occur everyday, apparently.

Not a bad morning coffee spot, don't you agree?

We did have to move the van into our regular spot, maybe that had something to do with it. Timing is everything in life and we actually lucked out to be by ourselves on this side of the yard. Biggest spot on the property....for the smallest rig too!!

Old an "overflow" spot.

Do not try driving with the roof up more than a few feet!!!

Good grief....they've left the rug behind, again!!!

Peek-a-boo view of the water......

Ahh....much, much better. Very private spot too...

After this arduous task (come was AT least 20 minutes in the hot sun), we retired back to the coffee viewing spot, under the palapa. A fishing boat soon zoomed by and some of the guys jumped into the water, about chest deep and grabbed the net and came ashore. They pulled one end of the net up onto the beach. Meanwhile, the boat curved out a bit into the water and came back toward the shore a little further down the beach, thus trapping the fish....check it out. Easier to see than to explain.
They pulled and pulled on this net rope like a tug-o-war. All the while,
the little fishing boat was going further down the beach and then zooming
into shore, thus creating an arc of a net in the water....

You can see how the boat is now ashore.....

It didn't take the pelicans long to spot the action.....

You will notice some fish still caught in the nets but they later
unfold the net and get these ones out too....

They are still pulling the net in to the shore....
See all the fish that are caught?

Oh my.....we are hungry!!

Hundreds of pounds of fish in there....not sure what kind though.

Every once in a while, one of them would throw a mangled fish
to the pelicans.....what a show!!

Now they are pulling all the fish out of the
rest of the net.....

What a job!!
One gentleman told Doug that this is the most he had seen them catch in a long time. It fascinated me to watch them work as a team. They really had NO fancy equipment, just brute force to pull that net back in through the sea. Unbelievable. I was told that the government tried to stop them from fishing this way, saying it was illegal. There was quite an uproar about that. Imagine how many fish the commercial trawlers bring in and they were worried about a small, historic type of operation like this. The decision was reversed.  Smart, I would say. Hopefully, they made a good days wage for their hard work.
After this, we rode our bikes into town (not very far away) to the tianguis. quickly we determined that this was probably the biggest market we had ever attended. It literally went on for blocks and blocks. We did notice though that many of the same items (trinkets) that were being sold here were a higher price than down in Melaque.....
Lovely handmade, artisan style breads

If you can't sell your hammocks, just nap on them instead!

Cigar thanks!

Super cute, traditional style little dresses...


Kitchen wares, my favourite.

At the grocery store I found something for Gus - SPRINKLES!!!!
By the bag!

And just like that, the sun set on another day here in La Penita. See you all tomorrow!!
Peace, Beglaws out!
Thought for the Day: Be careful when you follow the masses. Sometimes the “m” is silent.



  1. Nanc, I hope you bought some ribbon. It's the perfect thing to stuff in the little spare crevices in your basket! It can't be quite full yet. Do you miss me, Dougie? hee hee!

  2. Another perfect day in paradise...