Sunday, 13 March 2016

Mazatlan (Day 3 & 4)

Let's see, we tried to catch up on such things as laundry, etc. so we didn't stray too far all day.  One thing we learned here at this park is that normally the wind comes up in the afternoon, quite strongly. We have to take our awning down as it is very lightweight and cannot withstand a huge gust or two. The problem is that once the awning is put away (no, we did not put the downrigger poles away in this photo) there is NO shade so we improvised and used one of our NEW Mexican blankets to create a little doorway. Pretty snazzy I would say!

We planned a little excursion into town for a rib dinner (thanks to Bill & Carol for introducing us to this highly addictive place). Once again at Fat Fish, they did not disappoint!! We just took the bus which took all of about 10 minutes and cost $15 PS ($1.12 Cdn) for both of us. We got out by the Royal Villa Hotel and I just love this sign with all the masks. This hotel is located about 1/2 km before the malecon.

The gent on the left cooks ribs all night long...pretty much ALL ribs. They also serve breaded shrimp and steak. Includes your baked potato, garlic bread and coleslaw. The cost on any of these choices is 2 for $199 PS (or 2 for $14.87 Cdn). Completely unbelievable for what you get!! Absolutely delicious, fall off the bone meal. Naturally, you have to partake in the 2 for one drinks too so we each were served two margaritas at the same time. Guzzle, guzzle!!

They don't even all fit on the plates!!!
Walking along we thought this sign was interesting.
It is on a coffee shop
Today (Sunday), it was just more laziness and getting ready to leave. We had one more great breakfast at our favourite place Iguana Sana (Healthy Iguana) right here next to the park. Said our good-byes to Oscar, Alex, Hector, Bidi & Ava. Such a delightful family are Oscar and Alex and we wish them and their children (Santiago and Valeria) well until we get to see them next year. We think they will do well. They have a zest for people and really seem to enjoy what they are doing!!
The view from our favourite spot. Looking down the
road that runs in front of the Las Jaibas RV Park. You can see it on the left.

One more of Mazatlan's famous pulmonias....only found here I believe!

One more time with the local bus, like the ones we take into town.....

Just in case any of you wonder, here is the "clubhouse" where we do laundry, internet,
etc. On occasion, we find ourselves outside trying to Skype with family under that
covered area. It is always very tidy and clean here, all over the park and we
can HIGHLY recommend it to everyone.....Las Jaibas RV Park!!

One more feed of Chorizo sausage....

NEVER leave your camera unattended with the cook!!!
So, sadly, this ends our time in Mazatlan for this year. One of our absolute favourite stops on our Mexican adventure and year after year it only gets better for us. Every year we find yet one more thing to make us fall in love with this great city. 
Hasta proxima ano, Mazatlan!!
(Until next year, Mazatlan!!)
We will be on the road by 7:00 am tomorrow. Approximately 9 hours and then we will relax for two days. Should be a fun time!! 
Peace everyone!!

Thought for the Day: Someone else is happy with less than what you have.


  1. Are you sure you actually finished that rack of ribs? That's quite the plateful!
    Safe Travels and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Safe travels! All the food shots get a 10!

  3. Let us know how the road is.