Monday, 14 March 2016

Mazatlan to San Carlos (777 Kms)

One thing we learned from our Nova Scotia buddy, Jerry, is that always fuel up when you arrive AT a town. No matter how long you are stopped. That way, you have a full tank of gas and when it is time to leave early one morning, you can just GO!! (I know, sometimes the obvious just escapes a person.....) Anyway, thanks Jer!!

This was a L-O-N-G haul today. Many tool booths and many very bad road miles later, we are here in San Carlos. It is always our first point when we are heading down south and our last point when we are coming back home. Nice park but the town doesn't do it for me. Just okay for me but for no particular reason.

Road pictures. They aren't always the best but they do show some of the interesting things that crossed our line of vision today.....hang on!

Ahemm....Just for those who think we NEVER see a sunrise!
Here is what 5:50 a.m. in Mazatlan looks like!

When is it ever "too much" on a truck here??

Mr. Serious!!

Every once in a little while now there is just ONE palm tree on the side of the road.
Oh, and corn. Lots and lots of corn!!

Okay, time for comic relief.....

Costa Rica?? Who knew that it was THIS close!!??

Crops, crops and more crops....

Very well run and organized farms.
Tons of agricultural through here.

Part of the crop (whatever it is) covered....

Even the OXXO store has it's own rooster and chicken...

I don't know. I thought they were making a break
for it and were going to get in the van!

Ridiculous....Burger King AND McDonald's....of course!

Oh look, more corn!!

Cows on the side of the road....naturally.

Getting close to Navojoa now. More and more desert-like.

Everyone on our side of the divided road now as the southbound
side was being worked on
Just to be clear on the road situation. Coming north out of Mazatlan, the roads are lovely. Just what we like. Once you are further north, like north of Navojoa, they get somewhat worse. By the time you get to Cuidad Obregon and north, they are spectacularly terrible. We pretty much felt like we were in a pinball machine, darting this way and that, in an attempt to avoid the potholes and rough sections. Some of the ones that we hit seemed as though they would break the van and/or tires apart. Those type that make you wince when you slam into them!! Sheesh. Lots of the newer sections coming so hopefully next year it will be better. Sorry, I digress.......just needed to clarify!
Keep in mind that we are all going about 100 kms an hour at this point,
and the divided highway is still not fixed so the traffic is coming at us...
At the toll booth, one of the Green Angels.
These mechanics go up and down this main highway (and others too) and help out
motorists in need. They always speak some English and do whatever it takes
to get you mobile again...real life savers sometimes. Thus the "Angel" name....

Typical traffic going through these towns....

Not sure why you would plastic wrap wooden skids.....

South of Cuidad Obregon

Oh, just for a giggle. This is what it looks like
behind me EVERY DAY when we travel!!

Cuidad Obregon. A pretty fair sized town.
Can't have a big town without a Walmart...well, you can actually!

Again, right along the lousy truck route....

Mexico's very much touted bus system. Many, many great
companies like Primer Plus and Tufesa. First class buses everywhere.
Anyone from Greyhound listening out there????
The mountains get really very pretty on this part of the trip. It's a good
thing too because by this point you are pretty much ready to throw in the
towel due to the extremely terrible road conditions!

Notice the elevation on the GPS? It shows that we are actually
2 meters below sea level! Pretty funny. We are 78 kms south of
our destination, San Carlos, at this point and it is about 4:00 p.m.
You can see I am going well under the speed limit due to the crappy roads...
Nice spot for two sleeps.....

Totonaka RV Park.....

Alright, that was a long 10 hours, including stops (which weren't very long) but we made it. Absolutely terrible roads and we are hoping that they are better next year!!
Let's see what we get up to tomorrow....
Peace and goodnight, this Monday night from Mexico.
Thought for the Day: When some things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many more things that are still going right.


  1. Crappy roads but warm sunshine. Sounds like a good trade off to me.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It is a great trade off!! We are heading back home to lots of rain however so we will "pay" for our fun in the sun.....and my glorious tan will fade (rust)!!

  2. Yikes. And I thought I was being ambitious having a couple of 500 km days in our planned route out of Mexico...

    1. It's an easier distance push for us as we both share driving duties. We do two hours on and two hours off (more or less). Not as much driver fatigue. But then, you are handling a MUCH bigger vehicle than us too!!

  3. Long haul for you guys. Good town for resting and eating.

    1. Well, we are rested and we have already had dinner out. Tuesday night it will be home cooking. Have to use up any meat!

  4. Replies
    1. Oh, don't worry!! It and the new gecko are in the closet, all bundled up!

  5. Glad there is plenty of corn for the tortillas when we get there. You made a long day interesting. Thanks for the stories.

    1. You are welcome....thanks for the props! Glad you enjoyed it. Next time you can help with the driving!!

  6. Thanks for your email and for this post. we will be doing the same thing on April 1st except we won't have that extra day in San Carlos. We will press on to the US border via Lukeville.