Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Valle de Juarez (Days 3, 4, 5)

Sun., Feb 28:

We had opportunity to go to a really nice restaurant up in the pine forests just outside the neighbouring town of Mazamitla (about 20 kms from Valle de Juarez). Just spectacular in it's setting, service and food.....Gigi's Restaurant, very Bavarian in style. 

First though, some cows being brought down the highway in front
of the campground......

Chema's daughter, Sandra, brought one of her horses
for a little work-out and some grazing.
Then Christian (Chema's son) took some of the kids for a little ride.

Off to the restaurant.....

After that "lunch" we certainly did not need any dinner but Mother Nature surprized us with a beautiful show of colours with a lovely rainbow. "Somewhere over the rainbow...."

Quite a sight, with Paula & Jerry's truck and camper, don't you think? 

Euri got the latter part of the rainbow
Mon., Feb 29:
One of the caravan's that travels around Mexico arrived today at the old Hacienda Contreras location. Kevin & Ruth have been leading this particular leg of the caravan for about 3 weeks now. It was nice to see them. Again, because we are hanging out here in Valle de Juarez, we got invited to some of the festivities. Especially nice since this one was at the restaurant at the campground.....

Jerry & Paula whipping up some of their famous Margaritas...
Doug even got into the act and was helping out.....

Kevin & Ruth taking attendance (just kidding....) 

Quite a big crowd....

Party table (also known as the "problem table")

Tues., March 1:
First of all, it's time to wish a Happy Birthday to our terrific son-in-law, Shawn O'Connor. Shawn and Teagan live in Nelson BC. They have an amazing shop, Timber Tattoo, that keeps them very busy but on these special days, Shawn likes to head up the mountain for a little snowboarding action.
Hope you had a great and HAPPY BLIZZARD BIRTHDAY!!!
...oh, and he is handy with the axe too!!
Happy Birthday to you, Shawn!!
It was a low-key today. Just stayed around the camp and got laundry done. Funny, how that follows you everywhere you go, huh?! Later in the afternoon, we got a lift over to the old campground where the caravan folks were and had a little happy hour with them there. It was neat to see Barb & Sal's old stomping grounds full of activity, even for a few days.

Peace.....and peaceful looking, isn't it?

Thought for the Day: Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?.....Frida Kahlo


  1. Nice to see you guys again as well.

    We're now here at Valle de Juarez until March 13th because of my dental work. So it's unlikely that we'll see you again up the coast, but who knows...

    1. Was great seeing you guys, if only briefly! Good luck with the dental work. Dr. Lisette is one amazing dentist, isn't she?!