Wednesday, 9 March 2016

La Penita (Day 8)

Well, that storm hit and with a vengeance! The entire front fence line disappeared. Also, it sent a bit of sea water and leaves into the pool as well. Check this out:

Yesterday's view.
Notice all the posts and the slope of the sand....
And the view this morning!!! I tried to stand in the same
spot as in the above picture but the level changed by about three feet!!
The pounding surf also took away lots of sand!!

All those posts are broken and some of them washed out to sea. In fact, we saw
a few of them bobbing around in the waves about 1/2 block off shore.
A few of them were concrete and have been in place for 4 years.
One of them simply disappeared into the surf this morning!!
Susan's little motorhome took another hit about 8 am this morning.
She had her front door open and the tide decided to whoosh
right on in with a little surge.....splashed right in her door.
The perils of waterfront property!

Doug is trying to save one of the remaining posts by pulling in a loose one.
Eventually, they all were gone...good try anyway!

The other day, you could barely even see these sand bags
protecting the little rental place next door...

Euri still stands!!!
As for the second day of sea glass scavenging??? Ha ha ha. Seems Mother Nature also took it all away. Strangely, the sand is very smooth nearer to town where we found most of it yesterday and all that is on the shoreline right now are very light little chunks of plastic of all types. Bottle caps, little strips of junk plastic etc. You really have to have some gravel to find any sea glass. Oh well.
We came back and had afternoon tea and a snack. Afternoon tea??? Highly unusual for this trip as it has been way to hot for afternoon tea (I know, bite me!) We are actually sitting in the van now, 3 pm, because it is raining a bit off and on and the wind is pretty bad. It's cold seeming, about 22C but hey, there is a wind chill you know! Stop laughing!! You do get somewhat acclimatized after all this heat!! 
Just some cool pictures of the beach.

Strangely smooth sand after such a powerful storm!!
Oh look, it's one of Brian's fence posts!!!

Brian got a little wire restrung across the front on those small posts. As long as
you put something to show it is your property, people generally respect it.
Sheesh, the next storm better not wash away the happy hour palapa!!

So that is a wrap from us at La Penita and the Little Rig RV Park. We have more than enjoyed our stay here with Brian & Carole and we will definitely be back next year. Our next stop is Mazatlan. We aren't quite sure which park we will go to you will have to be surprized!!
See you all tomorrow!! (PS - What do you think of my new header picture??)
Adios, from La Penita de Jaltemba
Peace everyone.....
Thought for the Day: I thought growing old would take longer....(thanks Carla, for posting this little ditty)


  1. The new header is great but I like the Adios one better. Safe travels. Don't get washed away!!

    1. Thanks Susan. I will try and do an Adios header for when we are leaving Mexico. That one needs some "tweaking" to make it work.....

  2. We are "enjoying" that storm up here in the mountains now. I think it's the coldest day we've ever had in Mexico!

  3. Glad you didn't get washed away and are still able to enjoy your surroundings.
    We know what you mean about getting climatized to your surroundings.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You are right Rick. Many thanks for following along!!

  4. Glad you did not become sailors. Love the header and adios.