Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Twillingate NL to Trinity NL (409 Kms=254 Miles)

We headed out of Twillingate this morning, still shrouded with fog. We were hoping to see it lift just enough that we could appreciate the view that the campground had but it did not work out that way. Cruising through town we heard the little café calling our names but we stayed united and drove right on by. Besides, we still have some raisin pie to finish!!

Pretty much just a cruising day today. We took Hwy 320 to go up and around the top of Newfoundland on the east side. Guess what?? We found more icebergs – made our day!!

Almost moon like looking, isn't it?

Kevin - still some great boondocking spots here!!




Look at those boulders!!
Gorgeous huge flat platform of rock. The waves just rolled
in and poured over the edges of it.....

Very interesting huge boulders at all the oceans' edges.
Can you imagine the glacier leaving these behind??
We cruised on into a little area just east of Lumden called Cape Freels. Such a harsh little spot yet still people seem to make a living out of almost nothing. Again and of course, lots of fishing and crabbing.....


Notice the two boats out there, with icebergs for company?


Roadwork on the way to Gambo.....




After Cape Freels we continued on through New-Wes-Valley and down to Gambo. Hwy 320 turns you onto Trans-Canada 1 through the Terra Nova National Park and some pretty scenic green spaces and boy are they B-I-G spaces!!
We are now in a little town called Trinity. It has been here for over 500 years. They have a mussel farm in one of the bays. Our campground for the night is called Trinity Cabins and Trailer Park. Check out their website.....
Wonderful, local run business. There are only 13 campsites and a nice little bathroom. On the top side of the small highway are the cabins. They rent for about $70 per night. Our campsite was $22.60 including tax. No wifi but a short walk to their main little building, where we could smell a delicious Newfoundland traditional dinner cooking.
The mussel farm behind the office.....



Cabins on the right and the driveway for the
little campground on the left.....

Doing a little internet work...
Homemade Newfoundland family supper, compliments of Scott!
Doug ready to devour dinner but I have trained
him well. He doesn't touch it until the picture for the blog is taken!!
Thanks Scott and thanks for the amazing
hospitality and dinner....oh and for the coffee too!!
We will do a drive through the town of Trinity tomorrow. There is lots of history to absorb. Then the plan is to go right up to the top of the Bonavista Peninsula (which is what we are on now) and go into the Ryan Premises National Historic Site and also the spot where John Cabot landed in 1497. We will work our way back down the peninsula, poking our noses into little fishing villages along the way. That should prove to be interesting!! 
We will make our final push for St. John’s.  My R&D Department is just trying to figure out the best spot for us near St. John’s . Naturally, there are no RV parks anywhere within walking distance but we will see what we can do.
We hope everyone has had a good start to their weeks. Tomorrow is hump day – already, eh!!!

Thought for the Day: Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.


  1. You need a new person for R&D. Pippy Park Campground...walking distance to downtown St. John's.

  2. Hello, you are in my home town of Trinity. my mom lives just under the hill. enjoy you stay the people and history are amazing.

  3. Hello, you are in my home town of Trinity. my mom lives just under the hill. enjoy you stay the people and history are amazing.

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