Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kingston NS to Harrington PEI (465 Kms=288 Miles)

This morning we bid the Gale residence a very fond good-bye and we all headed down to Halifax for a quick tour before we had to head back up to Confederation Bridge and Prince Edward Island! It does seem a bit strange to go "way" down to Halifax from Kingston and then back up to the bridge. It actually only adds about 64 kms so we all thought it was worth the trip. Besides, we wanted even just a quick peak at Halifax and Paula & Jerry had business to attend to there.

Here is our quick tour....

A few pictures on the road to Halifax....


Love those red rivers with the tidal changes.....

Hey, look who came along for the ride!

Point Pleasant Park in Halifax...

 The Halifax Citadel Nat'l Historic Park in downtown Halifax

. Finished in 1749 to help protect the city and it's Protestant settlers against raids by the French, Acadians, and Wabanaki Confederacy (primarily Mi'kmaq). Those fortifications, including the one at the summit of the hill, were successively rebuilt to defend the town from various enemies. A series of four different defensive fortifications have occupied the summit of Citadel Hill since this time, with the construction and levelling resulting in the summit of the hill being dropped by ten to twelve metres. Whilst never attacked, the Citadel was long the keystone to
the defence of the strategically important Halifax harbour 
and its Royal Navy Dockyard. 

You can just see the top of the fort walls from the parking lot.
Sorry, no time to go in for a look around....
Here are a few shots inside the walls. These pictures were compliments
of the Nat'l Parks website so no photo credit to me that's for sure! 
Cool shot as it relates to the modern city of Halifax.
But, it is quite high up on a hill.....
Even comes with it's own guards....

Crazy Harbour Hopper Tour. It's an amphibious vehicle.....
After a look see at the Citadel, we headed down for a short walk at Cable Wharf and the historic Privateers Wharf. Very cool area and I think in the summer it must be hopping with tons of people so, once again, it was nice to see it without so much hustle and bustle! 



Busker and his harp getting ready for the day..... 


Small ferry that takes foot passengers across to Dartmouth.....



Very nice, old restored area - Privateer's Wharf.... 

Last time we saw these feet they were all in clogs!!!

So, after parting company with our good friends, we headed our way north to Confederation Bridge and Prince Edward Island (PEI). It takes about 3-1/2 hours to get up here from Halifax but it is a very easy, pleasant drive.

 ...and here comes Confederation Bridge, linking PEI with the mainland. Bridge work was started in Oct 7, 1993 and finished May 31, 1997 for a cost of one billion dollars.
It is a curved,12.9 kms long (8 miles) engineering masterpiece!!

You do not pay to come onto the island, only to leave.....
It costs $46 to leave via the bridge or $69 via the ferry.

The Gentle Island welcomes us!
Snazzy provincial flag for Prince Edward Island!
Hey look!! They have Tim Hortons here too!!

And you know that legendary red soil you have heard about, well, it's true!! It is red.

Super pretty drive on the way to the campground.
It all looks like a patchwork quilt!!

So here we are in Harrington at the Pine Hills RV Park

Very nice family campground. 

Once again good old Euri is parked safely.
Tonight's address is Site #70 

So, tomorrow we are off on an exploratory drive. We will first head to Cavendish Beach area and the Anne of Green Gables area. That should be interesting as it was one of my favourite stories when I was a kid!!Probably should re-read it as it is probably still very entertaining.....
We will report back (as usual) tomorrow!!
Just one more HUGE shout out to Jerry and Paula for making us feel so very welcome in their home, their town and their province. We have rarely met people who are so very proud of where they are from. They arranged so many great things for us to do. Jerry was at the wheel for days on end driving us all over their area and way down to the Southern Shore. (Boy, did we find a lot of bakeries and pubs along the way!!) The time spent together visiting was not nearly long enough and passed way to quickly. We know we have left a little part of our hearts in Nova Scotia. Thanks so, so much! We already miss you both!!! 
Thought for the Day: Kindness never goes out of style.....


  1. Thought for the day: The road to a friend's is never long.

    We hope you will return to visit again. It was such a treat and pleasure to have you both here; such appreciative and easy-going guests. Our house will seem empty when we return today! We'll see you both again, for sure. Perhaps next time it will be on your coast. We look forward to it, wherever it may be! xo xo

    1. As do we!! It was so much fun and we are going to relive a lot of awesome memories!!

  2. Shame you're not going to make it to Cape Breton Island. The Annapolis Valley is beautiful, but The Cabot Trail is our favourite drive in Nova Scotia. We would have done the extra to go there and then passed up on PEI if time was short. But I know it's tough to see everything. You'll just have to return some day!

    1. Tsk tsk tsk Kevin!! You should know us well by now and know that we OFTEN have surprises already planned and up our sleeves!! Stay tuned to the blog.....

  3. So, just wondering...
    If you did not have family in the west, would you consider living in Nova Scotia?

    1. A resounding YES from us both. We do love it there. There is just something about NS that you have to experience to believe....and they have their own provincial song!!! How cool is that?! for us is K-I-N-G!!!

    2. Nice, now we will definitely visit the place!