Sunday, 15 June 2014

Doyles NL to Antigonish NS (236 Kms=146 Miles)

We pulled out of the Grand Codroy RV-Tent Camp Park at 9:00 a.m. We needed to be at the ferry terminal 2 hours before the ship is due to leave dock. It just leaves a bit of time to waste but that's okay.

There is an area off the western end of the Codroy Valley where the winds come off the southern end of the Long Range Mtns and Table Mountain at near hurricane force. It is called the Wreckhouse. The winds have been known to reach 150 km/ph. This area is, basically just about 8 kms from the Port aux Basques ferry terminal. The winds are extremely high and in the early 1900's they were even known to blow railway cars off the old narrow gauge tracks. The railway had to employ a local to warn them of the high winds. Today, the truckers used CB radios to warn each other. But, even though an expensive warning system has been installed at both ends of this valley, there are about 15 truck roll-overs per year!!  For example, when we went through here today, the easterly winds were about 69 km/h with gusts up to 91 km/h!! I am glad that Doug was driving!!

The Wreckhouse region......

Even on Fathers Day, Doug takes care of us!!

Hang on Gus!!
Doug had read that there was an agricultural inspection BEFORE you leave the island. And sure enough, there was!! It is not run by Marine Atlantic but by Agriculture Canada. They will not allow potatoes off the island or any plant matter with soil.  Very interesting....
...and we lost a small bag of potatoes!!
Here is what the website on AgCanada says: prevent the movement to the mainland of two quarantinable soil-borne pests. The potato wart disease (Synchvtrium endobioticum) and the golden cyst nematode (Globodera rostochiensis). These are two soil-borne pests occurring in parts of this province but not in other provinces. These potato pests are of particular significance to the seed potato industry of Canada which could have export restrictions placed on them by other countries, if these pests are transported to seed potato producing areas.
Oh well, no potatoes today!! Guess we will make our usual adjustments!! Anyway, we got to the terminal in lots of time and had a hot drink and waited.......


Our chariot for today....MV Blue Puttees

Apparently, this is a Newfoundland specialty.
We will let you know. Pineapple Crush, hmmmmm..... 

There were only 120 passengers on the ship today and that
included the crew as well. Definitely not a money-making trip today!!


...and away we go!!

Now, don't ever let anyone say that I don't know how to take
Doug out for a special Fathers Day meal - pea soup, chocolate milk
and a hot dog (yet to be delivered!!)
Thanks Newfoundland - We loved every minute!!!
Tonight we pushed on to Antigonish, NS. We were supposed to use that free night in Louisbourg but we decided, that since the ferry got in almost an hour early there was too much daylight to be wasted by just sitting still. Besides, by getting to Antigonish, it took over 2 hours off our long haul day on Monday. We are planning on Fredericton, NB for Monday!!
Thought for the Day: It's not how big is the house, it's how happy is the home.


  1. Surprised to see you back tracking or are there no roads leading through Labador or was that the route you planned. At least you had a rest up day for your long haul.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We actually decided that we did not have the time or energy for a long-haul back to Quebec through Labrador. We were sad for this decision and had we been at the beginning of our trip, we may have felt different. There are, reportedly, about 500 kms of gravel road to contend with as well. It will have to wait for another time!!