Saturday, 21 June 2014

Almonte On (Day 3)

Nice, easy going day today. We spent time just catching up and, guess what....eating again. I don't think we are going to be able to fit into the van when we leave!!!

There is a small company here in Almonte that has come up with new technology that allows them to make donuts with 50%-70% less fat than regular donuts. It's not so much the donuts they are selling but the process that they have a patent pending on. Their name is HFT, or Healthy Food Technologies Inc. We were all pretty impressed with the donuts. Just like Tim Horton's (even had Boston Creams) and, yes, they do taste exactly the same. Why would people NOT want to consume a product with 50-70% less fat anyway? 

You can check them out on Facebook if you like

Later in the morning we just took a nice stroll around Almonte. super nice little town with a great downtown "core"

Our great hosts: Dale & Sue Arden


They have built a really nice River Walk along side the Mississippi River, just
beside the downtown core, so we enjoyed that on this nice day!

Old railroad bridge....

How's this for a condo by the river?

Looking back towards the waterfalls.....




Doug talks to Mr. James Naismith.
Did you know that he is the "inventor" of basketball and he is
from this little Ontario town of Almonte??



This visit was so much more than just checking out Ottawa and Almonte. It was about re-connecting with family. We really enjoyed our time with Dale & Sue and Chelsea. They made us feel more than welcome in their home and we enjoyed every minute of our time with them. We can't thank them enough.....especially for the loaf of HOMEMADE bread that we are leaving with!!
Thanks Dale, Sue & Chelsea (oh, and Shadow and Spot the cat too)!!! We hope you will come back to the coast and visit us so we can return the favour sometime soon. We can find lots of shoe stores there too!!
Thought for the Day: Life is short. Buy the shoes!! (right, Sue?)


  1. You found the most "perfect" sign. That's a keeper for me. Almonte looks like a beautiful place
    Love S & L

  2. What more can I say ... except to express how sorry I was to see you pulling out of the driveway this morning, and making you get up oh so early so we could get to Chelsea's horse show. (She came home with a red ribbon, so that it made it worth it - at least for this proud papa. Way to go Chelsea!)

    1. Actually it was great to get going at the crack of dawn! And congrats to Chelsea! I think it was some of the BC good luck we brought. Cheers!

  3. Doug, were you able to convince James Naismith of the superiority of the CFL versus the NBA?