Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Saint-Leonard NB to Quebec City QC (372 Kms=231 Miles)

How about that M-O-O-S-E??????? Not too many of you commented on it so I guess it impressed us more!!

Anyway, we had a peaceful night last night. We were the only campers there and we did not see the owners anywhere around this morning. Super nice, relaxing drive today and nice weather the whole way here.

We are basically just following the Trans Canada Hwy through on this part of the journey now, all the way home. There will be few diversions as we are getting anxious to get back. However, just to clarify.....friends and family are NOT diversions!! Diversions, in this case, are going "off the beaten" track!! As long as they are "on the beaten track", well that's okay!! (Ha ha ha)


It didn't take long before we left Edmunston NB and 18 kms later we were now in our fifth province. The beautiful province of Quebec!!


The provincial flag with the Fleur-de-Lis
The obligatory Timmie's stop for treats!! Combined, of course, with
our homemade sandwiches. Okay, okay, an apple was involved too!!!
...and our nice lunchtime view!
It was nice to see the very fertile farming valley near the St. Lawrence River. Such a huge and wide river. At times it looked like the ocean again!!



The mighty St. Lawrence River.....

Whoa - city driving again??
Tonight we are at Camping De La Joie. It is right in Quebec City and it was an easy drive in. The Garmin pointed us straight here. We found this place just by Googling "Camping near Quebec City" and it came up. It had some pretty good reviews. They have good washrooms, water & electric for $36 and internet for an extra $2 per device per day. It is pretty important for us to get that internet, not only for the blog, but also for trip planning. You can only spend so much time at a McDonald's on their internet you know!  And, up until about now, we have needed our heater pretty much every evening and overnight since we were in New York - darn this cold spring!!
The park is an interesting layout. There is an office and store/café at the bottom of the park, along with a nice looking pool. Then the rest of the park slowly climbs up a hill. We are at the top. It is pretty nice and quiet up here and well off the road. Down below, near the office, are most of the seasonal people but there are quite a number of transient folks like us here too. Guess the layout works well enough. Site all seem pretty good too...


Bathroom building right across from us....

Yup, nice and snug as a bug in Site #106
So, we are ready to start the barbeque and get settled in for the night. We will be here for the next two nights. They other great thing is that they run a shuttle service to drop you right in the heart of "Old town' Quebec City. Makes it really convenient for us to get there to explore for our one and only day here tomorrow. Again, I am sure we could spend weeks here but we have one day and you know that means we will make the BEST of it!! Thinking there could be a morning hop-on/hop-off bus involved. We will check that option out when we get there. For now, the bus leaves at 9:00 a.m. so we will b bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go....well, at least Doug will be!!
Thought for the DayWe don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.....


  1. Who you callin' a "diversion"?

    1. Ha ha ha!! When you read it that way I guess you MIGHT assume that I mean you but, alas, I do not!!

      Now....what about seeing a MOOSE?? Isn't anyone interested in that??

  2. That's okay Dale...we are diversions too! :-)

    1. Ha ha ha, Mr. Read!! I wasn't putting you in the "diversion" category either but now I will!

      Still no Moose comments.....sheesh!!

  3. We just thought that you were horsing around so did't bother with the Moose.
    Might want to watch the weather ahead or Kevin might have to get the boat out to see you through Alberta.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, we have been keeping our eyes on the skies in Alberta!!

  4. Bonjour, Nancy & Doug! We are so happy for you and Doug to FINALLY see a moose!!! You still have lots of territory to go through with moose-sighting possibilities. Good luck to you!
    Enjoy your day in Quebec City! Such a pretty place. Au revoir!

  5. So Glad you finally saw a Moose! But honestly the icebergs were way cooler! :)