Monday, 9 June 2014

Badger NL to Twillingate NL (178 Kms=110 Miles)

Trivia - there are approximately 110,000 moose in Newfoundland and approximately 526,000 people. That means that for every 5 people there is one moose.....and NO, we have not seen one yet!! A lady in the Visitor Info was ASTOUNDED that we had not seen one. She told us that she had a family of five living in her garden this year....sheesh!!!

Back to business.....

We left Badger and headed for Twillingate. This is an area in the peninsula (sort of) above Gander, so over on the northeast side. In fact, I believe that the only land north of us here is Iceland. Pretty sure that is why we are expecting lows tonight of 3C (36F). All that cold Icelandic and Atlantic air blowing in on poor Twillingate!!! Oh, and the fog!!. Well, you will see on the pictures.....


The first hour or so it wasn't too badly fogged in. 



We heard someone complaining today about the cold, fog and general weather conditions. Of course, we all want to see Newfoundland sunny and warm with blue skies (like the ads in the fancy Newfoundland Tourist book that we have). The reality is that, more often than not, it is more like what we are seeing. That's okay with us, we are just glad to see it. When we first arrived in Port aux Basques the other day and went to the Visitor Info building, I pointed to the beautiful picture on the tourist book cover and told the lady that we wanted to go there, where the sun was. She thought that was pretty funny and laughed quite hard now that I think of it!!
There is a beautiful, ruggedness about this province. You cannot replace it for anything. It is different than anywhere else we have been and certainly different than the other Maritime provinces. We are truly privileged to do this trip to be able to experience the profound beauty and individuality of each one.
We drove all over this peninsula, in and out of little harbour towns. They had names like Bluff Head Cove, Crow Head, Virgin Arm but our favourite was Tizzard's Harbour.....


Then it was off to another one.....

The lady at the Visitor Info centre had told us that there were icebergs up by Little Harbour and so we went in there. Apparently one person spotted 70 icebergs all over this area yesterday - no fog so you could see far out. This area is called Iceberg Alley. Anyone remember when we went through Alligator Alley in Florida back in March??!! 
We were happy to see this HUGE one in Little Harbour. In fact, it made the whole Newfoundland trip (...ferry costs included) worth every penny.


Funny, because I think it looks like a big snowmobile!

It was wet and it was cold but it was worth it to
stand out there and see one!!

There is an irony in those stickers in Euri's back window!
One is from the Keyes in Florida and the other is the Mexican flag, both warm places!!
Soon we found ourselves in Twillingate. It is a very cozy, small little town that wraps around a few little bays in inlets.

Well, after all that iceberg hunting and driving around we were hungry (naturally). Luckily, there is a great little cafĂ©/bakery shop in town called the Cozy Tea Room. It is run by Joyce and her sister, Josephine. Josephine's granddaughter, Sammi-Jo, works here too. It's a real family affair and IS the real deal.
Located right in Twillingate on the same side as the RCMP
office, just a few doors down..... 
I could hardly find my way past the rack of home baked goodies!!
Waiting on some good eats!!

Toutons (fried bread dough) a Newfoundland tradition and, possibly, one of the greatest inventions known to mankind!! Delicious with just a bit of crisp on it from the pan and
served with baked beans and molasses. It looks huge but it is all camera angle!! 
Remember our Rappie Pie in Nova Scotia? We love regional fare!!

 Doug savoured the baked beans, fresh fish cakes with molasses & raisin
bread and homemade chutney. I am surprised that we got out of here alive.....

Jerry Gale - Doug says, this one is for you!
More fried you here tomorrow for breakfast!!
Thanks Joyce, Josephine & Sammi-Jo....We L-O-VE-D it!!!
Everyone come in for a treat when you are in Twillingate!!  Oh, and
don't forget to take some of the baking home with you!
There is fresh raisin pie in our cooler as we speak!
With our bellies full, we headed back out again. Looking for the lighthouse (hard to find in this fog - how ironic is that!!) and more icebergs.

Must be a lighthouse somewhere near!!


I am sure there is a great view out there but this was what we got today!

 Back down through Twillingate we went exploring...



A garden shed with a view....


Another iceberg!!


Oh my - this one is huge!!

That stack was about 5 storeys high....   

An iceberg watching post!!


When we got to this side of it we realized that it was actually
two icebergs. The main one had already split! 

And of course, Euri was fascinated by it!!

So, we are all settled in at Peyton's Woods RV Park and Campground. Seems an okay spot. We actually have a view out our window (foggy still) but it has lifted a bit and we can now see two huge rocks in the water. It is about 2 blocks away. Bit of a shame that we have to leave tomorrow but this little town has been a jewel to find for sure!!
Here's that window view! 

Clean bathrooms and laundry are downstairs to the right of the house.
$2 (honour system) for the shower. Apparently he was having trouble with people
taking super long hot showers so he felt he had to charge. It is $29 for the night
and the wifi is free (special deal today) and fast. There are 3 others here.

 Oh, and that raisin pie you ask?

....simply delicious!! 

However, temperatures are dropping fast and Doug
has had to put on his toque to keep his head warm!! 
Wow, wow, wow!! What a great day. So much to see and so interesting. THIS is the Newfoundland we were looking for!! 
See you tomorrow!!
Thought for the Day:  Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where your heart takes you.


  1. Oh, my! 29C here today - just amazing the difference in temperature BUT how about those icebergs, the beautiful, scenic coastline and villages and a bakery to boot! Cozy in, kids! Hope you have another grand day tomorrow, with a moose thrown in for good measure!

    1. I think Doug just started to cry with that 29C comment!! And he informs me that it is now down to 2C. Such a crazy difference! But, you guys have come to this bakery! You taught us everything we know about small town bakeries.......

    2. That's funny I'm from twillingate and you have posted pics of some of my families houses. God love ya hopes ya had a good time.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hi Rob - Thanks for checking in! We loved Twillingate. Your family is lucky to live up there.

  2. We did two weeks in Newfoundland with the kids back in the early nineties. Minivan and tent! We went in July though, so it was one of the two warm months!

    Never saw a moose the whole time we were there...

  3. Loved your pictures today, even the gloomy weather looks beautiful. Then there's that raisen pie!!! I'll bring coffee if there's any pie left!

    1. Thanks so much!! Yes, there is indeed raisin pie left - come on down!!

  4. Hope you stay warm enough to be up with the sun and not have to wait for it to thaw you out first. Loving the trip.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

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    1. Soryy, too many typos.

      Thanks for the heads up on this rock. Best to go in August.

  6. Hey guys! I knew it was only a matter of time before Dougie would sniff out some of that Newfoundland steak! Those fish cakes and beans look mighty good, too. You guys are killing me! Keep having fun. Jerry

    1. You guys better come here for toutons and bens!!

  7. ps I forgot to say that I LOVE those Westie plates!!! Paula

    1. Ha ha ha - we thought you had seen those before. Fancy matching cutlery too. You know us VW Westie people - a strange lot!!

  8. Oh my goodness! a place in Twillingate I hadn't tried! I guess we'll be eating toutons and beans on our next trip from Gander!