Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Murray River PE to Baddeck NS (302 Kms=187 Mies)

Enjoyable drive today because some of it was on the Northumberland Ferry from Woods Island PE to Pictou, NS. This crossing takes about 1 hour. They have all the usual snacks and small cafeteria on board. It costs $74 to go across.

So, here we go - get ready!!

We got to the ferry terminal a bit early (8:15 am) for the 9:30 am ferry and
it was just us and a logging truck at first!!

Yup....nothing like a "keaner"

Here comes the big girl now!!

Nose lifts up and magically, cars come out.....

They put regular height cars below the deck.....then that trap door shuts!!
They also do not allow passengers  on either deck to sit in their cars on route.
Plus, they can drop these overhead decks
to accommodate more cars.....


Good-bye Prince Edward Island....we really liked you!!


This end of the ferry always comes into the PEI side so the
ferry flies the Prince Edward Island provincial flag and the Maple Leaf

The other end that leads into Nova Scotia (R) has her colours up front!!
Oh, and the ferry corporation flag too.....
Pretty neat opportunity for us. We started talking to one of the officers, First Mate Glenn and he invited us up to the bridge!! What an interesting experience!!

Doug gets some first hand lessons on the equipment.....



Nice view from up here too!! We can't thank First Mate Glenn enough
for the chance to see the ferry in action. We don't think that
BC Ferries would ever allow us to do this!!

Almost in Pictou Harbour, Nova Scotia.....

After landing in Pictou Harbour on the Nova Scotia side, we headed to Cape Breton Island and up Hwy 19 to Dunvegan then we cut across to Margaree Fork. From here it turns into part of the Cabot Trail. We headed down into Baddeck for the night. (I know, I know....lots of twists and turns!!)
Now, if only I had thought of this for my refrigeration system!!

First though, it was nearly lunch time and we stopped at a small community hall in Creignish for lunch....


 Check out that blue sky!!!
This is a nice lunch spot, don't you agree?


Lobster boats going around picking up their days catch....




From us here in Nova Scotia to you, wherever you all are....
Have a great day!!
Sorry I forgot to take pictures of Euri at camp tonight. I will get them in the morning before we leave. Picture him by a small forest with a picnic table....hold it, that's what most of them look like!! We are at Adventures East in Baddeck NS. It is another Passport America location and only $19 per night with electrical and water. That is a 50% savings, once again. Wifi is okay but dropped quite a few times tonight so we will see how blog does!!
We are off tomorrow to do our circle route of the Cabot Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. We wish we had the time to spare to stay for a week and do some of the hikes but we have to keep pushing along on our marathon road trip!! 
Thought for the Day: The quieter you become, the more you can hear.


  1. That blue sky against the fresh greens of spring! Beautiful! So happy you had the ferry experience and made it easily to the lovely town of Baddeck. Have a great time exploring today and be sure to get a little fix of the Cape Breton folk, too! I wonder where the road will lead you today . . . I know! Stay tuned! :-)
    ps That freezer on the back of the van you posted would get quite a few lobster back to BC. Just saying . . .

    1. Wasn't that freezer a laugh??!! Ontario guys. Looked like they may have been coming back from fishing.......lots of fishing!!

  2. Sue's best friend is a Cape Bretoner. They have a summer house near Baddeck, on the north shore of Bras d'Or Lake, opposite Boularderie Island. We've been to visit a couple times. What a beautiful part of the country! As always, I love running away with you two.

    1. Thanks Dale - We really liked the area. Did not get to spend much time there unfortunately.....