Sunday, 8 June 2014

Doyles NL to Badger NL (454 Kms=282 Miles)

A driving day with a small diversion at the beginning of the day to the Cape Anguille lighthouse. Very windy and lots of whitecaps at the lighthouse. When I opened my door of the van, it nearly ripped off in my hand. This lighthouse is about 1/2 hour from the park we stayed at last night.



Pretty bleak out here.....




Those poor sheep. Looks like they just got sheared.
They must be cold!! Just where is summer anyway??

Found this on the way back from the lighthouse. I am not sure the "why"
of this but apparently this is a destination place to come and see. Closed today.



Back country road Hwy 407 

Does this look different than you thought it would look? Most of
us just picture hilly St. John's and all the colourful fishing villages.....

...and this is the good part of the country highway!!
Still Hwy 407.....This takes us to Trans Canada Hwy #1
So we just cruised all day. The highways are fairly smooth in most spots then you have terrible potholes in others. It becomes a bit of a tiring game, "threading the needle" so to speak. You are constantly weaving or trying to weave, around them all. Not sure why this is. We also had a lot of broken pavement in Prince Edward Island. Sorry, but it's hard to get a picture of it at 100 kmh!! But here is some of the semi-abandoned highway to show you:
Very wide, open spaces.....
Nope still nothing. But to be fair, I really do not want
to se one on the roadway - a meadow down below would be just perfect!

Yup, pretty darn wide open.....Now on Trans Canada Hwy #1
After about 200 kms, we got to Corner Brook and stopped to do a small grocery shop and have a bite to eat - Timmie's of course!! Had to get our Newfoundland picture, right?
The now famous provincial Tim Horton's stop - and that's province number 4!!
....Just be glad that I didn't take pictures at the grocery store too!!

Small ski hill, Marble Mtn., just past Corner Brook...
Another two hours on the road and we got to 7 kms west of Badger, NL and the Catamaran RV Park.

Just on the side of the highway.
We can hear the trucks but it is not bothersome for one night.....

$31.64 for one night. I told you - there are NO deals on this rock!!

Our spot #3. I think it used to be
owned by one of the permanent folks but they maybe left?

Looking back towards the office area where we came in....
Mostly permanent/seasonal trailers here. Guess that's how they keep the money coming in in these cold months. They have a nice pool and café but neither are open until July 1st - that makes a short season to generate income!! I don't imagine that there are many "transient" campers like us.....

Certainly fine for the night.....

A little chilly freakin' cold walk to the lake....

At 8C (46F) with a stiff wind, I am not sure where all the sunbathers are?? 

Welcome to The Rock for the first week of June....nearly summer!!!
This is how Doug has to hold his tablet to get a wifi signal..... 
We are starting to see that there are NO deals to be had here on the island as far as camping accomodations. Oh well, everyone has to make a living, right? We will only be here for about one week. We will see how the weather holds out. That could shorten our stay if it is miserable.
But still, it is beautiful geography here and we can't WAIT to see some icebergs and fishing villages. Maybe tomorrow!! Hope you are all warmer than us!!! 


Thought for the Day: Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude.


  1. Wow, it's cold there... Finally it's warming up in the lower mainland. You should get toasty in Quebec and Ontario.

    1. Goodness - maybe we better leave here straight away so we can warm up!!

      Second thought, there is still too much to see. We will need a few more days and a few more layers of clothes to get us through!!

  2. We only reached 21 C today but that would be like a heat wave to you.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Nice and warm in Ottawa. Spent yesterday roasting at a horse show (30 C, no shade). Looking forward to your visit.