Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Quebec City (Day 2)

Well, they said it couldn't be done but "they" were wrong and we were on that 9:00 a.m. shuttle and on our way into downtown. We really, really like a park that has some kind of shuttle service. It costs $7 each, one way so it was a total of $28 for return back to the park. They have about 5 daily departures from the park and about 4 return times. I checked a few of the "close-by" parking situations and they seemed to run about $4 per hour so I consider the $28 money well spent.....

Here are just a few extra pictures of the park.

View off the nice deck from the café that is in the office building... building.
Now, off to Quebec City:
Quebec City is one of the oldest European settlements in North America. It was established by Samuel de Chaplain in 1608. While many of the major cities in Mexico date from the sixteenth century, among cities in Canada and the U.S.A., few were created earlier than Quebec City. (St John's, Harbour Grace, Port Royal, St. Augustine, Santa Fe, Jamestown and Tadoussac). Also, Quebec's Old Town (Vieux-Québec) is the only North American fortified city north of Mexico whose walls still exist.
We opted for a hop-on/hop-off bus tour again. Once again, it gives us a good feel for the city and highlights some important spots that we might not get to. The Red Line tour route takes about 1-3/4 hour and costs about $40 each including taxes. Okay, hang on. Remember to watch for low branches and no standing up when the bus is in motion!!
Our shuttle driver from the park dropped us off right
across from this statue. Even we could find our way back!!

She wasn't part of the tour and while everyone else was snapping pictures
of a church with a snazzy guy and a dog on the top, I thought she was
more worthy of my time and camera lens....don't even know if she could play.

So pretty everywhere you look.....



We liked the name of this restaurant.
Spag & Tini. Too bad it was too early for either!!

Apparently, this is the most photographed hotel in the world.
The Hotel Frontenac. Oh yes, and aren't the skies lovely
and blue. Just wait they are about to change.......

Notice how the skies look now - about 15 minutes after the above picture!!
So, Plains of Abraham. Classic English vs. French showdown. The battle lasted 20 minutes. It was the shortest battle in military history. the soldiers lined up on either side. The French started firing and the English patiently waited and waited and then ALL fired at once. Pretty much wiped the French out. Both General Montcalm and General Wolfe were killed in the battle. General Wolfe had to buried in England so they took him home, on the boat (it took 2 months) preserved in rum. What a waste of perfectly good rum.....  

Plains of Abraham park.

It is a very pretty green space in the Old City of Quebec.

Back on the bus for more cool pictures of great old world architecture.



DON'T be this guy, okay?? He did this for ages and was filming the
entire trip. It meant that we, on this other side of the bus, could not get a picture
on his side. Maybe a regular sized camera would have helped. What a dolt.....

About now is when it started to rain a bit.
The clouds looked way worse than they turned out to be...thank goodness!!

Fountain up by the legislature....



We really loved the European feel of this whole area.
Not that we've been to Europe!
We just imagined that this is what it would be like.....

Maybe this guy could start a duet with the little piano player?
 View of the St. Lawrence.




You know, I bugged Doug to let me bring home an old
lobster trap he said "No". Look how good they can look!!

I think this is our favourite thing to do in these cities. Get a bit of history. Walk around a lot and then stop for a nice lunch somewhere. Sangria and bread and cheese.

 Kathleen, here at the park, had told us to be sure and ride the little ferry that goes across the St. Lawrence to Levi. It costs $6.70 each, round trip. Fun way to see the city from a distance too. Lots of kids on field trips/end of school trips, so it was busy!
This is what they looked like.....


For $8 you can take your car across too....
Looking down on the busy river harbour from up by the Hotel Frontenac. Three tugs
were guiding this big tanker down the river to the refinery further away....

Maison Jacquet house, built in 1677. Now it's a restaurant.
I always wonder what the original people would think now, if they could see it!
Just cuz I like them......

Random art in alleyways.....
Later in the afternoon we climbed up from the Hotel Frontenac boardwalk level to the Citadel level. It's hundreds of steps and has a great walkway all around the back of the Citadel. Great workout after that cheese and sangria. What a view too!!

Here we are....barely alive!!! Then we noticed a 90 year old man doing
the stairs and it inspired us to try and go faster than him - not really. Just inspired us!!

You cannot go into too much of the Citadel as it is still an active military base. You can go in a bit further and see some of what it has to offer. Free of charge. If you want a detailed tour, that will cost you $16 each. Not even our National Parks Discovery Pass would help us here. We chose not to go on any more tours. Still saw some cool things though.



Like a little guard changing action!!


Back down on the Hotel Frontenac level again....

Tiny little electric buses that zip all over old city....super neat and quiet!!

Time to go!!
Our time in Quebec City was most enjoyable. There is lots to do and see and there is certainly no shortage of restaurants and bars. They all look so nice, decorated with loads of flowers. We loved the look of it! Thanks Quebec City!!
Tomorrow we will leave here and head to Appleton Ontario, a bit west of Ottawa. Doug's cousin, Dale and wife Sue and daughter Chelsea live there. We will inundate them for 3 sleeps (wait til they see how much luggage we bring in!!!!). We have been looking forward to this diversion visit for a long time now!
Thought for the Day: The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision...Helen Keller. 

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  1. How interesting. To bad you can't see more but at least you got to see it. A very Happy Birthday tomorrow Nancy. Hope you have a great day. Hi to Dale and family. See u soon.