Saturday, 7 June 2014

Doyles NL (Day 2)

Today was a triple "R" day. Review, regroup, reschedule....

We spent the day pouring over maps, campground information and reviews. Laundry, banking and bookkeeping. Holy cow - it was like a freakin' work day!! Phew....are we ever tired!!

Great spot here at Grand Codroy RV/Tent Camping Park. Again, only an easy 30 minutes from the Port aux Basques ferry. Located on the Grand Codroy River. Super great owners, Alice & Dennis, who live on site (love that) exceptional bathrooms and laundry facilities. Beautiful setting. One of our favourites in this 5-1/2 month journey - no kidding!! 

Check them out at:

Photo: courtesy of their website

After all that we took in the great little forest walk that they have made here. About 1 km and super quiet and peaceful. They have done lots of signs to point you in the right direction. Check it out:


So, one of the campers here at the campground told us that
the trail was muddy. I happen to have on my longest pants so
I didn't fancy tracking mud everywhere - Photo courtesy of Doug!!
(And he thought I wouldn't have nerve to put it on the blog!!) 

Alice does all the signs - points to ponder!


...and another one!

It's not challenging but it's a nice walk in the forest....
Grand Codroy River....


It's one of those great walks that you can
feel the forest spongy and soft beneath your feet.....

One of my favourite sayings.
Maybe I have used this on my thought for day segment already?


Lots of magical resting and viewing spots....



This little guy was happy to see us!!


Well, that's it for us today. We will leave here tomorrow. We will wander up the highway, through Corner Brook, Springdale and should finish at a campground near Badger, just west of Grand Falls-Windsor called Catamaran. We will see how that works out. Not sure about wifi. You know the drill by now!!
Thought for the Day: True wisdom consists of knowing how to make a point without making an enemy (....borrowed from the forest trail walk - Thanks to Alice & Dennis!)


  1. A lovely place to stay... Nice and lush. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ...and you are most welcome -> from the east coast of Canada!!