Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Baddeck NS to Louisbourg NS (350 Kms=217 Miles)

It was a bit of a round-about route too!! First though, here are some of the pictures of last night's camp. However, no surprise that I forgot to get the van when it was set up. Oh well, you have all seen it by now!! Nice little park. Needs a bit of work but still pretty good. Pool was looking pretty green though and you cannot dry your hair in the bathroom. Had to walk back to the van - thus I am a flat head today!!

Road coming back out to the highway - looks pretty much
the same when you drive in too!!

Okay, here we are...all ready to explore!!
So our route is a bit circuitous today. From Baddeck west to Margaree and then north on the Cabot Trail. The Cabot Trail goes all the way up to the top of Cape Breton. It is called the Cape Breton Highlands Nat'l Park of Canada. Very amazing and you will soon see why!!
The Cabot Trail, named one of the best road trips in the world by Lonely Planet, is a trail that winds through stunning landscapes, along the Margaree River, a Canadian Heritage Salmon River, and through spectacular rugged highlands of the Cape Breton
Highlands National Park of Canada.

The history of the Cabot Trail is a long and interesting one. The trail was named after Italian explorer John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) who reached our shores in 1497, sailing on a mission for King Henry VII of England. The name also celebrates the meeting of Cabot and the Mi'kmaq people, the original inhabitants of Cape
Breton Island, at Aspy Bay over 500 years ago.

The Cabot Trail was completed in 1932 and joined previously
isolated fishing villages along an approximate 300 km loop.
 Well, let's go and check it out, shall we?? We started on the west side of the island and worked our way north and then came down the east side, southbound. Just to give you some perspective on my picture taking. I actually have 178 pictures for today. Can you imagine how hard it is to try and decide which ones I want to use and then squeeze them into a post. I love sharing my pictures but it is so hard to edit them down!!!
Also, the weather forecast today was for some cloud and rain but so far we are lucky......


 From the first viewpoint, I knew we would be in trouble today with picture taking!!
First stop is St. Joseph du Moine. See the lobster boat out working.......


We stopped in a little colourful harbour.

Called "Storm Gale" for our friends, Paula & Jerry Gale!!
St. Peter's Church in Cheticamp NS
French-Canadian Neo-classical church architecture. Built in 1893.



After this beautiful church visit we had worked up an appetite and Paul & Jerry taught us that you simply must stop into a local bakery and have a treat and a cup of that is what we did!!
Good, old established Acadian bakery in Cheticamp!!

Then it was time to hit the road again!!!

Check out that road ahead!!!!


Now we are near the top  of the island in the Highland Plateau area


So, maybe this would have come home with us but the shop was closed.....


Is that s-n-o-w that I see????

See how the landscape has changed now? Remember what it
looked like down by Cheticamp? This is like the rugged
 north country of British Columbia......
There were some pretty amazing up and down climbs.....


Broken and battered lobster trap. Doug would not
let me bring it home....not sure why.

NOW we are coming down the Atlantic side.
This is a tough, mean ocean....

Again, Euri just waits patiently....
We made a quick stop in at Keltic Lodge. Pretty exclusive hotel and
home to the Highlands Links. Stunning scenery.

Keep your eyes on the weather. It is about to change.....
Apparently the rooms start at about $300 per night....
We booked in for a week (ha ha ha)

 Maybe my favourite picture of the day.....
Well, I do believe the weather has changed a bit from this morning.....
The weather continued to get worse and soon I could only see about 6 car lengths in front of me while driving. Just my luck to be on shift right now. Just Doug's luck to be on passenger detail and supposedly enjoying the views....of nothing!! It has taken him all day to recover from my fog driving!! So, after a brief stop in Ingonish we carried on and came to a little ferry that took us across St. Ann's harbour. It cost a whopping $5.50 or we could drive an additional 32 kms around. The ferry is REALLY little and takes about 3 minutes to cross the small channel. sorry couldn't see much as it was pretty fogged in by this point.


Once you load, someone just comes up to your window to collect.
There were about 6 vehicles on with us. Maybe it's cheaper than building a bridge?

Pretty much all Doug saw this afternoon from the passenger seat!!

We are staying at Louisbourg Motor Home Park in Louisbourg, NS. We chose this park because you can walk to the Louisbourg Nat'l Historic Site. That is a bonus for us, not to have to pack up the van. The other great thing is that they run a special during this part of June. Pay for two nights and get the third night free. It is $33 per night including taxes. We will be here for 2 nights right now and we have plans for that 3rd free night next week. So it works out to $22 per night, a pretty good rate.
Office buildings and bathrooms behind us....
The other nice thing is that we are a 30 second walk to the fishing docks. The lobster boats are in. The office staff was telling Doug that there are SO many lobster caught right now that the fishermen are holding them in traps in the harbour and they are actually not even going out for the next few days to try and get the market caught up with the quantity. Pretty amazing....


All those floating boxes have live lobsters in them. Can you
imagine what that is all worth?? Incredible. They said it is
very unusual for them to have to do this.....


There is the campground. Not fancy by any means. If you
look really carefully, you can see Euri. Look at the white Class C on the
right. See the light pole just off it's nose? Look behind it and you
can see our roof, raised up. That's close to the water, huh?
Okay. Bedtime now. We are off to explore the Louisbourg Nat'l Historic site tomorrow. Since we have our Discovery Pass for Park Canada we shouldn't have to pay anything. Phew, that's a relief!! 
See everyone tomorrow.
Thought for the day: Go 24 hours without complaining (Not even once). Then watch how your life starts changing. Now, this is a challenge, isn't it?


  1. Wow! Great post. I'm in your trunk, traveling along...

    1. I thought I heard someone knocking in there!!

  2. If you feel like lunch there, they have a restaurant that serves a meal just like they did back in 1745. You have to share your table and you are given only a spoon to eat with but the meal was delicious. Back in June of 2011 it was $14.99 so a little pricey but it was good food and a very fun experience.

    Glad you enjoyed the Cabot Trail, too bad you didn't have more time to spend there. We spent 10 days there and there was still stuff that we didn't have time to see.

    1. We can see that the Cabot Trail could take ages to "see it all" and even then, I don't think you could. It is forever changing with the seasons. Still, even though it was a short time we were blessed to have been able to see it....