Saturday, 14 June 2014

Badger NL to Doyles NL (409 Kms=254 Miles)

Today is Austin & Rebecca's wedding. Remember when we went to Boston and met these adorable two for lunch in May? Well, today is their big day and we are so happy for them!
They are so happy and perfectly matched.
(Sorry Rebecca - your eyes were closed but I had to use this picture!!)
We wish them much love, happiness and many adventures!
Mazel Tov!!!

Westward ho........

Sorry, no internet last night at Catamaran RV Park. Not sure why because we had a "weakfish" signal last time but it was enough to get the work done. May have been because the park had lots of people there this time, being as it was the start of the weekend! Gosh, I hate getting behind on my homework!!

Another nice drive again today. We are pretty lucky as Newfoundland isn't always prone to such a nice stretch of weather. Certainly makes driving a pleasure!

Again, great big wide open highways!!

A slightly more softer, rounder, lower version of the
Three Sisters mountain range in Banff, Alberta!
(Hey, you gotta find similarities where ever you can!!)

Doug remembered his ski hill again - Marble Mountain.
I think everything is even greener than when we arrived last Friday.....

Okay, just road lunch. Yes, this is what it has come to.
Peanut butter, apples and a bagel on the run!!
(Somewhat healthy, no?)

Here we are again, back at Grand Codroy RV-Tent Camp Park in Doyles, NL. Remember, we were here for 2 nights when we got off the ferry last week. It is in such a great location, just 1/2 hour from the ferry. A perfect place to stop and get your bearings before heading out in this province!! 

Our nice view.....


Comfy at our spot #5, again!!
It was so nice to see Alice Keeping again. We felt like we had come "home"! Thanks, Alice & Dennis, for keeping (no pun intended...but pretty good, right?) such a great park! Come on in and stay for a bit!!
So tomorrow, June 15th, we leave Newfoundland. We will be getting on the Marine Atlantic ferry again at 11:45 a.m. for an approximate 6 hour crossing back to North Sydney. In the evening we will be at the Louisbourg RV Park, right in Louisbourg, where we stayed before we came here. We will stay one night and then shove off for Fredericton NB (...we hope). It's a pretty long haul, approximately 9 hours but we will see if we can do it!! Wanna come along?? 
It has been our absolute pleasure to visit this diverse and beautiful province. It is rugged, desolate, lush and green, all at the same time. It has been foggy, rainy, windy, cold, sunny and warm. Something for everyone. The people were amazingly friendly. The icebergs and puffins, well you know.....incredible!! The food...toutons & beans with molasses, jigs dinner, cod tongue, moose stew!!! Once again, we left a little piece of our hearts here too. Seems to me we are pretty much scattered all over these great Maritime provinces. We have some amazing memories in our hearts!!
Thanks Newfoundland!!  
Thought for the Day: Freedom consists not in doing what we like but having the right to do what we ought.....St. Pope John Paul II


  1. What happened to Labrador...?

    1. Just won't be able to get there....this time! Oh well, we gave Newfoundland a run for it's money and enjoyed every single minute - even the weather!! Time to get home.....