Monday, 23 June 2014

Sault Ste Marie ON to Ignace ON (864 Kms=536 Miles)

Up and at 'em again!! This is a real hard travelling portion of our time away and we knew this would come when we were en-route home. We still enjoy the day and enjoy seeing the new road ahead of us.....

Like I said, always something to see out there.....


And Mr. Fox seems to have found something for breakfast too!!
He scurried quickly across in front of us but Doug had slowed down lots.... 
So, we stopped in Wawa for gas and they have all these HUGE random Canada Geese
all over the place. We only found three but I suspect there are more! In fact, there was a big billboard asking people to donate $50 "for a feather" for the new one!!

Pretty interesting!!
All along the highway through this area is the most amazing red rock.
Super pretty.....

All along the highway are inukshuks. They are all different
shapes and sizes. Some are up high, some are down low.
I think someone should just drive along here and do a book about them!!

Mine operation.....

Lunch stop on Lake Superior.
Very beautiful with this low lying fog all over.....

This roadside spot had THE cleanest bathrooms, bar none!!


Oh my!! Someone's speeding!! I won't say who was driving here.

Lots and lots of highway work. They were replacing
many of the bridges. We wondered how they could put so many
groups of workers in so many places at once!!

Lake Superior is more like an ocean.
It is the largest fresh water lake in the world....

One of the last "tourist stops" we are making is to see the Terry Fox Memorial in Thunder Bay. It was erected on Highway 17/11 not far from the spot where he had to end his run when his cancer came back. What an inspirational young man. If only he could see the hundreds of millions of dollars that has been raised in his name. A true Canadian hero.
We were very privileged to have been able to see in the spot in St. John's where he started his run and equally privileged but sad to see where he had to stop. Both spots had very beautiful memorials.....
Just a tiny part of the very lonely highway that he ran down....


It is a very beautiful memorial and dedication.
There is a wonderful view out over Thunder Bay.....



Next stop finds us at the Davey Lake Campground in Ignace, ON. Another spot that charges $37 for water & electric and internet at the site. Well, it was an okay spot but there was no internet at our site and we had to go to the gazebo in the centre of the park. We just never got things done over there.
Not sure why we were put right next to this guy
when there were lots of other spots.....
Little gazebo that has some internet. See those skies???
Well, the greatest part of that gazebo time was that we had the privilege of meeting Roger McDougall. Roger is cycling across Canada!! He left Vancouver on May 14th and is due into St. John's NL on or about the middle of August. He is from Sydney, Australia. Now, he is one inspiring fellow. Suddenly all our bits of complaining of living in a small space went right out the proverbial window and he shared stories with him all evening.
Thanks so much for spending time with us Roger - you truly are an inspiration!!!

You can follow his ride on his blog at
You will find us "somewhere" on Tuesday. Probably in Virden MB but we will see how we do!!
Thought for the Day: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

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