Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Here we are-Part 1

Thanks everyone for your continuing support of our blog!! We have been back in Nanaimo for a week now. My mom is settled here in "visiting" mode until September 16th, when we take her back to North Vancouver to get all settled into her apartment. We are SO excited for this leg of her life!! Way to go Mom!!

On August 31st,we headed down to Victoria for a day trip. Well, okay....Euri the van needed a part at the auto wreckers in Langford so we did a combo-run. It was a beautiful day. First, we stopped in Langford...

Captive audience in the back of the van!!
Heading to the Empress Tea Room for High Tea!!
I must make a note here, Doug, being the typical guy, wasn't "exactly" thrilled about "High Tea". It is ripe with such history and properness, still, he is a guy, but he knew Mom and I wanted to partake in this opportunity so he was a good sport and accompanied the ladies. By the time it was done, he thought it was fantastic!! Not, that he would want to do it again, but he said that he was really glad that we had gone there. When the three tier tray comes to the table, it seems like "wow, there isn't much on there"....that's until you get eating at it. We were all stuffed. The sandwiches were fabulous and the sweets were just amazing!! And yes, we drank LOTS of tea!! Our server, Tawnee, was never far away and seemed to always be on cue to pour our tea out of those very heavy real silverware tea pots. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Go for high tea!!!!
Now, first you start at the bottom of this tower of awesomeness!!
Proper etiquette is a must, pinkie extended while having "high tea"!!
After lunch, we headed out to the inner harbour where there was a Classic Wooden Boat show going on. We really loved walking around the docks and people watching with Mom!!
 Doug always finds friends everywhere!! 
(He is probably extolling the virtues of high tea to this guy!) 
Hey, we know someone with this name!!
...and lastly, this cute, little, one-eyed boat dog!! (See, I find friends too!!)
Always, the performers!! This guy was pretty good too!
Our feet are tired and we are heading home!! 
Blue moon, on this, the last day of August!!
Well, we had a great day. It takes about 1-1/2 hours to get to Victoria from Nanaimo. It's a really nice drive along the famed Malahat Highway.
Thanks for coming along!!


  1. Glad to see the Blog once again on the road, loved the pictures!!!!!!

  2. Hey, thanks guys!! Glad to see our Italian connection is keeping track of us!!