Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Nanaimo Life

Turns out Euri only needed a new battery after all. Still with the upgraded battery and the mega clean-up that the boys at Bavarian Imports had to do, the bill was still $270. Could have been MUCH worse I suppose!

Don't have much to report today. Went to a great new Irish Pub for lunch, Fibber Magee's at 321 Selby Street. Great spot in Nanaimo. (http://fibbermagees.ca/home). We really like checking out new spots. Staff were great. Amazing choice of "on tap" of beers, ciders, etc. Go check 'em out if you are around town, folks. I am already planning my next trip...AND they have irish/maritime type music most nights!!

That's it for us. Just hanging I guess this week. Will try and get out to "somewhere" and let you know about it. Sunday is the day we head over to North Vancouver to start my Mom's moving in process to her new suite. We should be able to get some good pictures of that. She is 1/2 block off Lonsdale Avenue. It is a very vibrant area with a super diverse population. Really looking forward to checking out all those Persian bakeries!!! We see ourselves there for most of the week. We will try and get her all set up, perfect like before we leave....(did I mention trying out ALL the bakeries??)
Take a few minutes to remember those souls lost on that awful September 11th morning in 2001. One of those times forever etched in everyone's minds. I just keep wondering why, why can't everyone just get along? Prayers to our American friends.
Beglaw, out..... 

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