Monday, 10 September 2012

Back in Nanaimo (Unexpectedly...)

You just never know what the day will bring when you are travelling. Mostly, it is good. This morning was not quite that way. Let me explain.....

We got all geared up last night for our little journey today toward Mircale Beach on the eastside of Vancouver Island, up by Campbell River. By all accounts, a grand place to go. Normally, the evening before we hit the road, we put away the bikes, bring in the awning, do as much as we can, so in the morning we can get going quickly. All was going splendidly up until we stopped at the office of Bella Pacifica Campground to say we were off. Doug jumped back into Euri van, started up the ignition and then IT happened....the battery BLEW up. Now, I had never heard a battery blow up before. Let me tell you, it BLEW up, like a shotgun blast, complete with smoke coming out from under the hood. I wished I could have seen our faces. I am sure it would have been pretty funny. Anyway, it shattered....really shattered, everywhere. We called BCAA (please go out and get a membership if you don't already have one!!) and 3 hours later, Ed from Parksville Towing arrived to save us. Just to appreciate, Parksville Towing is located 3 hours from Tofino......We were perfectly safe at the campground office parking lot but we desperately needed a tow back to Nanaimo. In Tofino, on a Sunday, there are no car repair places, just waiting for you with specialized batteries to help you out. (Now, if you have a surfboard problem, you are in the right place...) Besides, Doug said that if it blows up like that, there could "maybe" be something "else" wrong.....not sure what....

Does this look like a van with a problem?? This is where we coasted to....
So, not wanting to "ruin" our day while waiting for the tow truck, we walked about 1 km into the little shopping area where we went the other day to the taco truck. We had an amazing bowl of chowder and coffee and wandered around.....
That is what a "pasted-on" smile looks like!!
This is what an awesome chowder bowl looks like....
and this is me....
...and where we ate the awesome chowder.
When you are awaiting for a tow truck, we have to find humour where you can!!
Pitiful end to an awesome trip!!
...and back in Nanaimo at Bavarian Imports. We will see what they say tomorrow!!
A special shout out to Ed Johansen of Parksville Towing. He drove 3 hours to come and get us in Tofino when no other towing company would. Over the years, he has travelled to 32 countries working in construction management with ATCO Structures. He has owned and flown his own planes and is a Grandpa and Great Grandpa. You just NEVER know who will be there to help you out of a sticky situation. Also, many years ago, turns out he was our neighbour in Sherwood Park, AB. Like he lived RIGHT behind us!! Pretty amazing!! Sometimes the Universe brings people together for a reason!!  Be nice to people!!!! Call them if you need help on the island, 250-248-9913. Also thanks to BCAA - GO get a membership, will you??!!
We love our van. It has safely carried us about 16,000 kms this year alone so it really hasn't had a big issue. Still, a bit disappinting today, but we L-O-V-E our van!!! When you have a VW Westfalia, you just get it!!
Our thanks to my sister, Sue, for coming to pick us up at Bavarian Imports, again!!!
Never know, we may still get out for the rest of the week. Keep you posted. Meanwhile, keep this in mind:
...Don't forget, It's up to ALL of us!!!

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