Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Here we go-Part 2

This long labour day weekend, our son Josh & his wife, Kathy came over too see us. They also brought along Kathy's brother and Josh's best friend, Ted. Plan was that the guys were heading off to Mt. Washington for a day of mountain biking. They headed out on Sunday a.m. Thanks, Auntie Sue, for the use of the truck!!

On Monday, we headed up to one of our favourite walks, Westwood Lake. We always enjoy sharing this great place with our guests. It is a 6 km walk around the lake. We posted this walk in our January blog too!!
Happy hikers!!!
Pretty spectacular trees here....
One little turtle,enjoying the beautiful day too!
It was a great weekend with the kids. We came back and enjoyed a turkey dinner and all too soon, it was time for them to head for the ferry! Thanks for coming, kids!! It was a very fun weekend!!
We are leaving here on Wdnesday for a 8-10 day tour of the island. First stop is Tofino, where we have only been once. We are really looking forward to it for sure!! We will try to update the blog with new pictures, as long as we have internet available!!

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