Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tofino (Day 2)

We love to sleep in. When we were in Mexico, the sun usually woke us up with the temperature in the van sometimes reaching 25 degrees celcius before 8 in the morning! I was aghast!! I thought we were retired and could sleep in?! Anyway, those who really know us, will tell you that we are basically lazy people who love to sleep in. Well, we did that this morning. I think it was about 10 am when we finally crawled out of bed, and it was only about 17 degrees celcius! It was great, not the temperature so much but the sleeping in part!! It was a slow start to the day, but start we did, complete with our favourite, coffee, orange juice and hot oatmeal!! And that was about all that we got accomplished.

Check out our hetic day. We were supposed to go into Tofino on the bikes but even that proved too much. Instead, we just sat at the beach....ALL DAY. I mean, all day, like from 12 pm noon til 6 pm.....yup, it was a hard day alright:

Eating the lovely lunch that Doug made and brought down to "our spot"
...afternoon "tea" on MacKenzie Beach....okay, maybe it was pink wine!!
The view from our chairs....ALL day long...
I know, looks like you are seeing double!! Euri's twin pulled in this afternoon, on the right. We were pretty surprised to not only see another Eurovan, but one the same colour, fabulous Caribbean Teal!!! (don't tell Heather & Peter, but Euri on the left, is MUCH better looking!!)
And lastly, from our hearts to all of yours, some L-O-V-E from Tofino!!
See you all tomorrow!!

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