Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Tofino (Day 1)

Well, we finally made it out and on the road. We left Nanaimo about 11 am and headed to Tofino. We tried to get into Green Point, which is one of our glorious national parks. Unfortunately, it was full. The staff told us that it pretty much fills up 3 months in advance. Next time I guess!! But, our kids will be proud of us as we purchased a National Parks annual pass anyway (helps to support Parks Canada and is good for any of the national parks in Canada for the next 13 months!) We continued on a few more miles down the road and we arrived at Bella Pacifica Campround ( at about 3 pm. Super nice place. We are all hooked up for the next 2 days at least. The way it looks, it will likely be a longer stay. For now, check out our drive here:

Cameron Lake (part way between Nanaimo & Port Alberni)
Cathedral Grove - we will visit this on the way back....
Kennedy Lake. It is so big I thought it was the beginning of the Pacific Ocean!!
All tucked in at Site 84. Nice spots, a tad small, but good privacy between them!
About a 2 minute walk from our campsite, MacKenzie Beach...
 Way down at the far end....
Sunset and time to head back up to camp....
We really enjoyed the drive here. Just far enough that you feel like you are "away" on a holiday! From what we have seen, this is one of the nicest campsites. Check out their website (I have it posted above). Most of the places around the Uceulet and Tofino area are pretty expensive (especially compared to Mexico!!) but we aren't here for the long haul so we don't mind.It is just beautiful and I will probably bore you all over the next few days with lots of pictures!!
Tomorrow we are going to get the bikes out for a ride into town. Looks like there is a great bike path and we will be trying to find a bakery that our kids told us about. Apparently they make the world's greatest sandwiches!! Report to follow tomorrow!!
Good night - already on our second cup of tea!

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