Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fibber Magees

Not much happen' today. We spoke to our very wonderful friends, Bob & Danna who are touring and living in Treviso, Italy (about 40 minutes from Venice). They have been there since beginning of May. They are scheduled to be back in Vancouver near the end of November. They are having an amazing adventure of their own. Check out their blog too, Just in case you haven't met them, here they are, on Skype with us this morning!!

  A bit hard to see Bob, but he is there.....along with his wine!!
After messing around for the day, Mom, Sue, Lacey, Doug & I headed out to Fibber Magees Pub (again). We had a great time. There was a nice little band too.
Sue & Lacey...
My Mom, Nadyne & I... 
Me and my best friend, of course!!
Introduced my sister to an Irish Car Bomb "drop shot".
My son, Josh, should be proud of me!! And, she liked it!!
Day is done, Beglaw checking out. Sorry about all the photos of me....I hate that!!  Tomorrow, we head back to North Vancouver to get Mom moved back into her cool new apartment!! Stay tuned for that!!

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  1. Hi Guys.....sounds like a great day to us. That is another pub you can take us to as well. Looking forward to it already.
    Danna and Roberto