Friday, 7 September 2012

Tofino (Day 3)

Another glorious, sunny & warm day here in Tofino. Don't worry, the irony of this is not lost on us as very often it can be cool with foggy marine air drifting around, so we are THRILLED that it has graced us with such outstanding weather, and you all know how we love our sun!!

First thing was off to the beach with coffee and breakfast in tow:

...does anyone think that we could get paid for this kind of advertising?? 
...yes, mine are Chocolate Cheerios....which have LESS sugar than in
Doug's favourite of Honey Nut Cheerios, just for the record!!
After beach breakfast, we headed into Tofino. There is a really good system of bike paths here. They run alongside the highway and are fantastic, especially for a novice bike rider like me.Tofino is a nice size town. Seems to have alot of different types of people here. Check out our photos:

...sign says it all!!!
This has to be the most shoes I have ever seen in one spot.... 
So, after our walk around town, we headed back on the bikes. We had to pick up a few groceries, etc. We rode back to the campground, put everything away and then headed back out, the other way (south) down the bike path to a little area that has an AMAZING taco truck......we were in heaven!!
Complete with a lime/mint smoothie for Doug and a blackberry/mint smoothie for me!!!
Doug led us back home....
After all that riding around, we needed a nap and then some more beach time to cap off the evening:

Life, as it should be....
So,that's the day. We are, once again, tucked in with our tea and cookies and almost ready for bedtime. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Weather says it could actually (gasp) be cloudy on Saturday. We will see.
Just one more little picture to sign off with:
...just sayin'....

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