Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Springfield OR to Crescent City CA (221 miles)

We left Springfield, OR about 8:30 a.m. It's about 1.5 hours across on Hwy 126 to Florence, OR. I absolutely L-O-V-E this drive. Super cool moss hanging on the trees. Doug is the photographer today for this leg and he did an awesome job!!

Then you start to break out of the heavy forest towards the coast.....
After the forest drive, you get to Florence OR. We turned south on the US Hwy 101. This is where you start to come across the amazing Oregon Dune National Park system. They have many, many areas where people with dune buggies and quads can go and have fun, safely. They cannot go on the main beach part but there are SO many miles of sand dunes. Just hard to wrap your head around the size of the whole area for sure!!
 One of the roads into the park area...
Just us and Euri here for now....

 Okay, enough said.....

One of the B-I-G sand dune area for quads....

You cruise along the coast for a long time then go around a few mountain,
like Humbug Mtn. and then pop back out onto the coast again....

Welcome to your 3rd state of this tour!! 

Beach behind our hotel in Crescent City, CA
We spent quite a bit of time at Umpquah Dunes Park. Super nice area and lots of camping. Our kids told us not to "uber plan" this trip. So we didn't. We "thought" we would get to Eureka CA tonight but we did not. We made it to Crescent City CA, about 70 miles north of Eureka and we were happy. We stopped about 3:00 pm to find a hotel and went for a walk, finished off a bottle of wine and now we are heading out for our New Years Eve dinner. Not sure what we will find, but we will have fun.
Tomorrow we will head out and "try" to maybe get near San Francisco. Not sure how we will do but we do plan on camping somewhere next. Stay tuned for that. Remember, if I don't post it's because there is no internet where we are staying. You will have to check the following morning when we find a Starbuck or McDonalds!! 

From Doug and I to you all:
Wow...pretty hard to believe that 2013 is winding it's way to a close! We have been blessed with much love, good health and lots of amazing memories for us and our whole family.
We can't say enough how much we appreciate all the support and "followers". Hope you all stay on board!! It's been an amazing ride and we are ready for more in 2014!!

.....From us to you all!
Peace for 2014....and out! 


  1. Nice to see you back on the road again. We'll be following along...


  2. We are following along to. Nice to see the beautiful scenery. We were at the beach today. Happy New Year. Lots of love.

    1. Happy New Year to down under folks! Say hi to the kids for us!!

  3. Of course I'll be here. Happy New Year, Doug and Nancy. You've done justice to beautiful Oregon - now California. Have fun.

    1. We love your home state of CA!! Hope we do it justice too but you will let us know, no doubt!! Love to you!

  4. Happy New Year to the Happy Travellers! Judging by your outfits, you're not yet into sandals weather yet. For context, in eastern Ontario, we too have a beautiful, sunny day ... except it's -20 C, windchill -29 C, forecast high of -18 C. Probably not weather Euri would like. We'll be staying close to the fire. Running away with Doug and Nancy sounds even more appealing than usual, even if it's only vicariously. Wagons Ho!

    1. Thanks Dale! We are in sunny mid-California now and it has just hit 24 C, so it's pretty nice. Thanks for following along!!

  5. Happy new year! It's great to be traveling with you guys again!