Friday, 20 December 2013

Birthday Wishes & Snow Time

Time for a birthday wish to our nephew, Christopher Nichols. He is our "in-house" archaeologist and is beginning to travel to interesting places like South Africa and Italy pursuing his passion for digging and learning!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Christopher!!
We hope you have an awesome day!!
(I know, the sign has a spelling error....)

Snow day today here in Nanaimo (and the Vancouver area too) Like most cities, it always poses trouble, especially with those morning commutes. It does make me glad to NOT be going to work!! Hope everyone drives slowly and carefully!!

As "West Coasters", we receive quite a bit of ribbing from the rest of the country regarding our snowfalls and our "apparent" lack of driving ability. Well, here's my take on it. First of all, I have lived in Alberta and I can tell you that there are just as many problems in that province when the snow falls. We have also seen the 40 or 50 car pileups in the eastern provinces when the snow flies. The difference in the other prairie provinces is that they have a very dry type of snow that blows all around. This does pose a different type of problem for sure. Our snow is wet, heavy and doesn't blow around. With an ocean on your doorstep, it does help to get rid of it, eventually. Most of the time, once we get snow, it rains a day or so later, creating a total sea of mush and water everywhere. Not fun. Also, we do not have the infrastructure in place for big snow falls. Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, they all have many multiple snowplows, snow routes, etc. Vancouver does not have this in place. They do have plows but no snow routes. It's a real art, watching the eastern area plow snow on the big highways. They go two or three plows wide, working together. Well done you guys!! I guess we all have our challenges and I am glad to be at home!! Oh well, I think we will just finish packing up and head south!! (It does look pretty though, from my window in my pyjamas, with my tea!!

Winter officially arrives tomorrow at 9:11 pm!!!!

So happy to get some winter pictures from Kathy of Gus. White Rock (along with us here in Nanaimo) got a nice dumping of snow!!

Happy Friday night to everyone!!

Cheers friends!!


  1. Adorable Gus, again. You might be 'wishing' for a little break from the heat and humidity soon. Today it's warm, not too hot, but very humid; the locals say it'll be more comfortable if it rains. I'm twix and tween summer PJs with a light blanket or winter PJs with no covers. All I can say for sure is it looks like I have ten times as much hair on my head!!!!

    1. Hey, didn't you have a rain and tornado warning down there in LA?? I think I might prefer snow to that!! (...don't tell Doug though!!)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your mom. Merry Christmas to her and all the family.