Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas was good!!

Now all the wrapping is torn open and the gifts scattered around. Yummy food is all eaten up and much laughter still echos in the room. Christmas Day is done and it was a good one, indeed!! We hope everyone, near and far, had a great day. We sure did!! Here's a little snippet of our day. 

Gotta start the day off with a tequila shot....

 Then move on to B-52 shots....

Grandma Nadyne opens some gifts...

Miss Spook protecting paper

Sweet potatoes frying up!

Grandma wrestles the turkey into the pan....

Kathy, Gus & Josh open gifts....

Great Grandma and Gus, acting like a couple of turkeys!!

Gus & Grandpa, talking to someone on facetime...

Josh & Gus talking on Skype to Duane, Agnes & Great Grandma Beglaw in Alberta

One more gift with Grandpa

Had to get down on all fours to do a eye-to-eye with Miss Spook!! 
Well, that was it. What a great day and now we can look forward to all those left-overs!!
Peace friends!!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. We are so lucky to have our families, even though we can't be with all of them all the time.

  2. Next year Gus will be saying "Santa" I'll bet. These photos of him remind me of my oldest granddaughter's first couple of Christmases. She received so many packages we had to take breaks for her to take naps or eat before she was interested in opening more. It seems totally hedonistic now!

  3. Sorry for the delayed Merry Christmas wishes, just too busy and not having good internet. Looks like you had a great one. I'll send my Happy New Year's wishes early though as no idea what our internet will be like. Take care and have a great one.

    Kevin and Ruth