Monday, 30 December 2013

Part One of Two....

Last day in Canada for 6 Months!!

Sunday night, we spent the evening soaking up time with our kids. One thing we have learned is that we cannot "bank" hugs and cuddles from Gus!! So when we are going away for these extended trips we like to spend that last evening with the kids. We had a great evening......

Some tippy-toeing reaching for snacks!
 Hanging onto Grandma's hand so she will show me the pictures on the screen!!

 Checking out the Christmas lights outside with Mom....

So, after Gus was tucked into bed, we had to do a tequila shot for our travels. Josh & Kathy have a "shot-ski". It's an old ski with 4 holes drilled into it. You place a shot glass in each hole and then stand together and tip it up to your mouths and enjoy. Usually causes some laughing as no group of 4 people are the same height. You can just barely see Kathy, the shortest in our group (sorry KR) at the far end.


...and we celebrated with the Espuela tequila from Valle de Juarez (thanks Sal!!)
Travel day on Monday!! 
Peace and out!


  1. Lokking forward to your travel writings! Pretty sure you'll miss your family greatly, but us greedy readers want to read about your adventure...

    Have a happy new year!

    Cheers, Peter and Shelagh.

    1. Thanks so much Peter - Glad to have you and Shelagh along!