Friday, 13 December 2013

Official 1st Birthday-Dec 12th

Well, a whole year has come and gone since that most wonderful day that our grandson, Gus, was born!! Hard to believe!! So, "officially" here is your first sign!!!
Our day started out today on the ferry to come back over for the official special day. What a treat to be visited by a pod of killer whales before we even got out of Nanaimo's Departure Bay. I, of course, thought it was a good sign!! Look, a little family of 3, two adults and one juvenile!! Hey, I know a little family, just like that!!

I have a few "extra" pictures for you. Some that I "hijacked" from Kathy's & Josh's files. Just a snippet of life so far this year, with Gus......

 You in there, Dad?

 I tried out for the role of "Wilson"...can you believe I did not get it???
...clean-up in Aisle 4 please.....

...and I have my tux, where's the party??

Mom & Gus in Bucerias.....I love my hat!!

Swimming with Dad....yup, we're a couple of swimming machines!!

Love the beach pictures the best.....
So, to our little guy, Gus, Grandma and Grandpa wish you the most amazing and Happy First Birthday little buddy - WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Multi-tasking.....clapping and walking!!!

Hanging out in my crawling tube with Auntie Hanna....

 Ripping through some gifts...
...and Dad pushes me on my run-bike - Yee haw!!!!

Yup, officially O-N-E!!!

The Duck reads a story.....

...and The Duck leaves for bed!!!
That's it for our day - super fun and we wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere else with anyone else for sure!!
We are slowly stitching together our travel plans for this next rotation. I think you will all like them. Plans is to leave around the end of December - STAY TUNED!!!!!
Cheers friends!!


  1. Congratulations to you all. What a great day for little Gus. He'll love these pics when he's a little older. You did / do good work Doug and Nancy!

    1. You know, MP - I really wish for you to be able to meet our family!! I hope we can find out somewhere out on the road this spring!!

  2. Families of three all around. Your grandson is a doll.

    Looking forward to reading of your next travel plans.