Sunday, 31 July 2016

Wow - Where have you all been?

Oops, sorry.......that's where have I been????

Oh, just hanging out, working, etc. I have to admit, being retired was W-A-Y more fun and left me W-A-Y more time for blog postings! I just have to get a bit better with my "at home" time management.

Here's a compilation of what we have been up to. Let's see, when I left you last it was the finish of the Tour de White Rock (July 18th). Sheesh!!

Caught one of White Rock's Concert series at the pier on July 23rd
Washboard Union - Vancouver band and very good!!
Bike ride and picnic at Crescent Beach
July 25th - great way to spend a Monday after work!

Dog pile on Dad......

Dog pile on Grandma....

And a bit of drool on Grandma too.....

Playing ball with Mom....
Then there was beach day with Grandma - July 26th

Oh don't worry, he was totally soaked before we left!!!
Rudy update!!! End of July and our little boy is really growing!!
July 28th and it was time to wish our beautiful daughter and new Mommy, Teagan
 a very Happy Birthday. What a great way to celebrate with Rudy & Shawn!!
We Love You!!!!
Overnight campout at Kathy's parents place. What fun that was!!!
July 31st......
While we were overnighting it in the back yard, Doug and his brother Don were visiting with his Mom and family in Alberta on the long weekend.
Looking good Mom/Helen!!
One of Doug's and my favourite new  breakfast spots, CafĂ© 8....
Meanwhile my Mom and I hit the White Rock Farmer's Market. Voted one of the best in 2015 for "Large Markets".....we love it!

Love the local fruit and veggies....
I know, you've all seen tomatoes before.....but it's my blog!!

Will from Totally Screwed Furniture. Check out his site.
We got our living room coffee table from him, custom made for our small place.
Hard to tell but it is distressed old barn boards, with some orange and bright green on it.

This long weekend, Mom was my Farmer's Market buddy....

Soon we will find ourselves in August. There really hasn't been a great "summer weather" stretch yet. We are all still waiting, waiting.....

Catch up the rest later!!!


Thought for the Day: The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.


  1. The farmers market looks great! What day is usually on? We'll check it out next time...

  2. Those kids are growing so fast. And Teagan looks so happy. Love it! Say Hi to all of them for us.

  3. PS. Somehow I missed this blog!?! Thus the tardy reply.

    1. Hey, don't worry!!! I'll pass on your greetings!!

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