Friday, 1 July 2016


Seems every year that I write the same things about Canada we love this country of ours. How it isn't perfect. How it can use more compassion, more tolerance, more understanding, more CFL (Jerry, just wanted to see if you were still reading!) but still, it's a pretty great place to live. True North strong and free.......that about sums it up.

Today we headed out for a few errands and then went for a great walk down on the promenade in White Rock. Hope you brought your comfy shoes!!

White Rock Pier looming ahead...under grey skies???

Yes, trains really do run right through on these tracks.
BNSF railway owns the tracks so party or no party, through they come!! 
Always business to attend to.....

I think these guys were the Pat Chessell Band.... 

Her Brothers.....pretty cool little family with a nice positive message for all.
Can't remember the name of this ocean apparatus.....pretty cool anyway!

Like something out of the Jetsons....(am I dating myself here??)

I made a little tie for the front door knocker. Paula and I were given some fabric in Valle de Juarez (of all places) by our friend Barb this past spring so we each brought some home to make Canada Day things. I am sure Paula has a full blown quilt done but for me, with learning to work again, I haven't had time, so this will have to do for this year!!
Not everyone will recognize all the parts of it, but some of you will.....
My Canada Day birthday cake helper......

Happy Birthday......


Then it was off to the fireworks (well, Jasper had to go home) but we took
Gus to his first Canada Day fireworks display. He did great and really enjoyed them...

What a great, great day!!!


Thought for the Day: Do you know Canada's official motto?
A Mari Usque Ad Mare.....From sea to sea.
You're welcome.....


  1. Wow! Well done on the patriotic end! Even a birthday cake for Canada! That's the spirit.