Saturday, 2 July 2016

Happy us!!

Happy Anniversary to Doug and I!! Today is our 39th anniversary. (and someone out there said it wouldn't last!!)

It was been quite the ride, hasn't it Doug?? We have moved at least16 times (one place we lived in for 12 years, another for 7, still another for 5). That's a lot of moves. We have two wonderful and amazing kids, who both have fantastic spouses. We have three absolutely adorable grandsons, who we love and would pretty much crawl over broken glass for. We are very fortunate, we are happy, we love it all. We have travelled lots through Canada, coast to coast, the USA, Mexico. W have cut a lot of grass, burned a lot (...a lot) of garlic bread, had epic camping trips and campfires, hiked, stomped about, planted gardens, and drank lots and lots of good (and bad) wine. But through it all, we have always had each other. I believe that is what it is about......Thanks are the greatest partner I could have ever asked for.

I love you!  Here's to 39 more years!!

We enjoyed a dinner at Pier 7 restaurant in North Vancouver with Mom, my brother Mark, and his wife Carmen, sister Julie and Mark's great friends, Daryl and Sandi. What a fun evening. Thanks for dinner Mom!!!! 

Jerry and Paula - this is for you....Nova Scotia lobster, all the way here in BC!!!
Julie, Nancy, Carmen & Doug
Hey, the USS Gridley Dog even made it into town for our celebrations!!

Welcome to Canada!!

Lovely downtown Vancouver.
Thanks everyone for the wonderful wishes!!!

We had a double celebration because earlier in the day it was also the party for my Auntie Marie's 100th Birthday (well, her birthday was actually on June 23rd) but it was the party today. Hope you filled out your dance card for this one.........

Delicious and massive cake.....all of it was gone!!!

Teaching a 100 year old the fine art of "selfie's"

Auntie Marie was married to my Mom's Uncle Norman.
She still lives in her own house and has quite the sense of humour...who knew??!! 
My Mom is relating a funny story to Auntie Marie that my uncle asked her to pass along.
Lots of fun stories were shared. Seems she was quite the party girl in her time.
Grass skirt even?????? 

Anyway, nice view of Burrard Inlet and
Vancouver from Hollyburn Country Club.....

You can even see the cruise ship terminal with some ships in....
That, my friends, was an action filled day. I have actually shown it backwards but I thought you could figure it out!! Phew.....time for bed!!
Thanks for dropping by. Until next time.....
Thought for the Day: A warm smile is the universal language of kindness…William Arthur Ward.


  1. Who said it wouldn't last you two were made for each other. Next year is another milestone that you will breeze through on your way to your eventual retirement.
    Congratulations to your aunt Marie. Hope to see more good things with her leading the charge.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. A belated Happy Anniversary for you. And many more to come.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. Glad to see you had such a great day.

  4. 39 years, wow. Congrats to you both.

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind wishes. We really are very fortunate......

  6. Congratulations on 39 years. Wishing you many many more wonderful adventures in your life together.