Monday, 13 February 2017

It's still winter.....

Wow, we are getting "slammed" this winter with cold and snow. Unusual for the West Coast of Canada. Of course, it is particularly funny since this is our first winter back working for five years. Guess it serves us right. Oh well, we are both lucky to have jobs we like and a fairly close commute. Makes it a bit easier. After all, spring HAS to be right around the corner, right????

Catch up time again. I am sure by the time we start travelling again, most of you will have forgotten about us but there's always hoping we won't bore you too much before that comes!!

Christmas, as you saw, was lovely. We are so lucky to have such great families, near and far. January passed us by in a blink of an eye. We had two birthday's, Kathy, our beautiful daughter-in-law on January 12th and Doug on January 22nd. No, I did not post either of these events so I am in deep doo-doo with them both. So far, February is creeping along on us quickly. Next great event is Jasper Zane's birthday. He will be TWO YEARS OLD on February 17th. How did THAT happen????

All of our little boys are doing fantastic. They continue to amaze us constantly. We are lucky to see Gus and Jasper several times a week. We aren't lucky enough to see Rudy very often as they reside in the Kootenay Mountains of BC. It makes winter travel pretty much impossible so we are anxiously awaiting spring for our first road trip to see them. We love those boys all so much. They are a joy........


Sunday Feb 12th, we were lucky to escort my Mom and her lifelong friend, Auntie Oly to the Broadway play, Kinky Boots, that was playing at the Queen Elizabeth theatre in Vancouver. It is a Christmas gift from my siblings, their spouses, Doug and I. Theatre tickets, dinner and private chauffeur service to and from. Super fun day. Doug & I even spoiled ourselves with a set of tickets for Christmas (albeit in the nose-bleed section) too so we were able to keep a close eye on them down in the orchestra area. Gotta make sure those two don't get into any trouble. Believe me, these two ladies have gotten into their fair share of mischief!!

Auntie Oly and my Mom, Nadyne

And a lovely dinner after the play.

Friendship togetherness means sharing dessert!
Doing another catch up post for Family Day. Check it out after this one.
Peace all....
Thought for the Day: My favourite thing about winter? When it’s over…..

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