Monday, 13 February 2017

Family Day in BC

Great, a long weekend!!! Oh, and it's SUNNY. These two things rarely go together. This time, we lucked out!! Spent the afternoon down at Crescent Beach with Josh, Kathy, Gus & Jasper. Had a lovely long walk.

I'll let the pictures do the talking........

Just to remind you all what it looked like here LAST Sunday.
Unbelievable. I think we will take today's beautiful day!! 
Let's carry on!!

Dunsmuir Gardens. A community garden area where a person can apply for a plot to
grow pretty much anything they want. Every garden is very different. Of course, right now people are just coming around to start up their gardens. We will get more pictures later this year in the summer....just beautiful here. Right on the back of Crescent Beach. 

Lots of interesting gates...
The "main" garden house of Dunsmuir Gardens. They encourage
the gardeners to donate any produce so it can be given away at the food banks....


My little shadow and I.....

Grandpa and Jasper coming out of Dunsmuir Gardens

Now, THIS is what we here on the West Coast expect for a winter day.....
Hard to ever get these two away from the sand and water....
 What a beautiful day. We are so lucky.....
Peace all.

Thought for the Day: "I wonder what Piglet is doing thought Pooh. I wish I were there, to be doing it too"


  1. Glad you aren't suffering too badly this winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Well, if you had talked to us last week, we would have definitely thought we were suffering! Now, we are back to "normal". Thanks for checking in!!

  2. A great day on the beach with the kids is always a hit. Spring can't be far off...