Monday, 20 July 2015

Picnic Day

The weeks just seem to fly by now that we are "working" (ugh). I must say that I am really enjoying my new job. It's only three days per week so it's just enough to keep me out of trouble and to keep the wolves from the proverbial door. Doug is working a little too much at nearly 5 days per week right now. That should straighten itself out by the time we are ready for our September break. Can hardly wait for that!!

Anyway, you might wonder what that has to do with "Picnic Day", as in my title. Well, it seems that we are all thinking we are so busy but it just takes one person to put it out there "Hey, we should have a picnic at the beach". That's what Josh said and voila, here we are all, at the beach on a beautiful day, hot, hot, hot for sure!!  Josh is quick to point out that he may have put it out on social media but it was Kathy who did all the food, etc planning. Thanks to you both!! It wouldn't have happened without the "idea"!!

We spent the whole day at one of our favourite places, Crescent Beach. If you started walking from our pier here in White Rock and headed west and followed the beach, it would take you about 3 hours to walk to Crescent Beach. In fact, when our kids were younger, we took them out on that very walk. We parked a car at each end and walked, all the way around! I like to remember it as a fun family adventure. They may have different thoughts on it, however!! But, needless to say, it is pretty close to our house. About a 10 minute drive away, just round the point.

Great Grandma "T" with Jasper

Cousins.....Mason, Gus & Joey

Father and son trying to launch a little wee kite!

The gang, wisely seeking out the shade.....

Doug's brother Don (Grandpa Don and his little guy, Mason)

Do you think we had enough food????

Time to cool off some feet......

This boy has no fear of wading in the ocean. He loves it!

And I think he gets it from Josh, his dad. We could never keep Josh out of these
waters either when we would come down here. He would stay in the water until
his teeth chattered and his lips were blue!! Like Father, like son!! 


Cousins, Gus and Mason


Always gotta be a foot shot, right? Just cuz we aren't travelling right now,
doesn't mean I have forgotten! In fact, sometimes when I am at work, I look
down at my feet and think, why aren't we out somewhere fun???

Speaking of feet, where are MINE anyway??!!
This boy, we L-OV-E!!!!
So, eventually, everyone had other commitments and/or had to get the kids back home and out of the sun. That left my Mom, Nadyne, Don & Diana , Doug & myself. We just decided to hang out and have the same thing for dinner as we had for our picnic lunch. Just too nice of a day to pull ourselves away!!

Thank goodness for those "eze-up" shelters for the shade!!
So that was the weekend. We spent Sunday with our great friends, Bob & Danna. They were here for dinner and a beach walk (oh, and some pink wine too!). It is pink wine season, you know!!
Thought for the Day: Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are….M.Williamson


  1. What a lovely day at the beach and such a beautiful day for it!

    I think your thought for the day just about says it all for the wonderful day that you had. I wish more people could think this way!

    1. Thanks Ruth! This one really resonates with me too. I loved it when I heard it. They are words to remember, each day, aren't they? Thanks for checking in!!

  2. A beautiful day for family fun. And yes, there was enough food!